Bio: Pawan Tyagi

Sputtering machineProf. Pawan Tyagi’s expertise is in the area of integrating nanomaterials into devices and sensors for advancing futuristic computer technology, biomedical devices, energy technology, and advanced manufacturing. He has made the seminal contribution in the area of tunnel junction based molecular spintronics devices.

At the University of the District of Columbia, he is serving as the founder and director of NSF-CREST-Center for Nanotechnology Research and Education (CNRE) and DOE-NNSA-AMP3 Consortium.

He is a passionate teacher and invented a new teaching approach, Student Presentation Based Effective Teaching (SPET). SPET is especially suitable for the online teaching of engineering courses and research-active faculty. Dr. Tyagi is currently applying Positive Intelligence in higher education and parenting.

Pawan Tyagi, Ph.D.