Center of Excellence for Acoustic and Seismic Sensing of Urban Environments


Newsletter Feb 2024The mission of the Center of Excellence for Acoustic and Seismic Sensing of Urban Environments at the University of the District of Columbia is to promote and conduct high-level interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in acoustic and seismic remote sensing of urban environments. The Center will support, facilitate, and advertise the activities related to the fundamental understanding of acoustic and seismic propagation, lower atmospheric and soil dynamics, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) data processing and classification, and sensor networks configuration and communications, comprising of researchers from the UDC School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Through joint research and student mentoring, seminars and workshops, the Center will foster collaborative research within the group, and between the members of the group and researchers at other Universities, and industry partners.


Goals and Objectives

  1. Source detection and localization in urban areas
  2. Develop a better understanding of atmospheric dynamics and ground conditions unique to urban areas
  3. Develop AI software tools for i) learn, adapt, reason, and act using small datasets of noisy, dynamic, deceptive data, ii) learn, adapt, and reason in a dynamic, distributed manner over   highly   heterogeneous   data   with   impaired   C4I, iii)   perform   computations under extreme SWaPT constraints, and iv) process at the point of need.
  4. To educate and mentor the next generation of researchers in the engineering and physical sciences

Center’s Military Relevance

The successful outcome of the center’s goals and objectives will provide the Army strategies for

  • Operational planning
  • Wide-area persistent surveillance
  • Perimeter defense
  • Protection of on-the-move soldiers
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructure in hostile urban environments

Student  Funding Opportunities

Summer Internships 2024

Spring 2024 Student Assistantships

Fall 2024 Research Training Program


Dr. Max Denis, Director

Dr. Wagdy Mahmoud, Co-Director