Counseling and Student Development Center

OUR VISION: We are here to meet the unique challenges of our culturally diverse clients.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe that every student has basic and unique needs which must be fulfilled in order to function successfully in a learning environment.

THE MISSION: The UDC Counseling and Student Development Center is dedicated to promoting psychological wellbeing that enriches personal, career, and academic growth. We provide a broad range of high quality, services, resources, and information to students, staff and faculty. We incorporate innovation while upholding professional ethics in every interaction with each client. The Counseling Center also actively contributes to the campus’ broader academic mission by training and developing students and professionals, helping build a multicultural learning community, and providing leadership through collaborative partnerships.

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Online Mental Health Screening
The screenings are quick and anonymous.  Once you click on the link below you will have the option to take one or more of several screenings (depression, eating disorders, anxiety, alcohol problems, etc.). Just read through the descriptions and take as many as you need or want.

The screening tools are not diagnostic instruments. If you are concerned about your own problems or the problems of another person please contact the Counseling and Student Development Center at 202.274.6000.

Daily Five

Five Steps for a good day!

Dealing With a Distressed Student

Any member of the UDC community may come into contact with a distressed student. Being aware of distress signals, methods of intervention, and sources of help for the student can help you to effectively address such situations.  Here are some tips to prepare you to be a more effective helper.

Mental Health Crisis

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If you are currently experiencing a mental health emergency or are concerned about your own safety or the safety of someone else, please do not delay. Call 911 for immediate help.


Every student's sense of privacy is important to us. For adult students (over 18), we do not release personal information without written consent, except in emergency situations where information is needed to protect health and safety.