Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering

PhD program descriptionThe University of the District of Columbia is a public, historically black, landā€grant institution offering affordable programs from associate to doctoral degree level. With the Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) provides a continuous path for obtaining advanced education in various disciplines of computer science and engineering.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering (Ph.D.)

About the Program

The Ph.D. program has an interdisciplinary focus with emphasis on design thinking and the ability to solve complex problems.

Doctoral research will focus on the interface between computer science and engineering including additive manufacturing, biomedical engineering, mechatronics, underwater communication, nanotechnology, simulation, modeling, smart grids, rehabilitation engineering, cyber security, big data analysis, robotics, geo-transportation, environmental engineering, and urban engineering. Ph.D. research thesis results will be published in peer reviewed publications aligning thesis outcomes with research priorities supported by NSF, DOD, NIST, DOE, and NIH.

Biomedical Engineering Specialization

BMEG 681 Machine Learning for Medical Detection and Diagnoses 3
BMEG 682 Biomedical Imaging Systems and Signal Processing 3
BMEG 683 Biomedical Engineering Seminar 3
BMEG 684 Physiological Systems Analysis 3
BMEG 689 Special topics in computer enabled biomedical engineering topics 3

Civil Engineering Specialization

CVEN 651 Computational engineering and scientific modeling 3
CVEN 652 Systems Engineering Approach 3
CVEN 653 Engineering Systems: Modeling & Simulation 3
CVEN 654 Water Resources System Analysis 3
CVEN 655 Water Resources System Modeling 3
CVEN 669 Special Topics in Computational Science 3

Computer Science Specialization

CSCI 601 Advanced Algorithm Analysis 3
CSCI 602 Theory of Computational Complexity 3
CSCI 603 Pattern Recognition 3
CSCI 671 Autonomous Mobile Robots 3
CSCI 672 Visual Analytics 3
CSCI 673 Virtual Reality 3
CSCI 674 Advanced Topics in Networking 3
CSCI 675 Spatio-Temporal Databases 3
CSCI 676 Big Data Science 3
CSCI 689 Special Topics in Computer Science 3

Electrical and Computer Engineering Specialization

ELEC 631 Advanced Computational Intelligence 3
ELEC 632 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
ELEC 633 Advanced Embedded System design 3
ELEC 634 Detection and Estimation 3
ELEC 635 VLSI Architecture 3
ELEC 636 Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices 3
ELEC 637 Advanced Communication Systems 3
ELEC 649 Special Topics in Computer Engineering 3
ELEC 689 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 3

Mechanical Engineering Specialization

MECH 671 Science and technology of fuel cells and batteries 3
MECH 672 Nanomaterial for next generation computers 3
MECH 673 Computational materials science 3
MECH 674 Advanced science and technology of solar cells 3
MECH 679 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering 3

Research and Dissertation Credits

CCEN 701 Research 1-8
CCEN 702 Colloquia 1

For more information contact

Dr. Paul Cotae
Director, SEAS Research Center
Director, Ph.D. Program

PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

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