Office of Marketing and Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications is the university’s creative team of writers/editors, graphic art designers, and web professionals. This office is dedicated to helping UDC colleagues develop publications, websites, and other products that promote the university and its mission.

The Office of Marketing and Communications offers comprehensive services in a convenient, one-stop setting. In addition to creating various collateral pieces—from brochures, magazines, and posters to websites, videos, and e-blasts—the Office of Marketing and Communications also provides updates and “facelifts” of previously produced publications that need a fresh look and point of view.

Our “customers”—schools, departments, and initiatives throughout the university—will receive high-caliber creative services, complemented by our broad understanding of the university and its programs, priorities, and people. We have first-hand acquaintance with UDC identity and graphic standards as well as direct access to the visual resources your project may require, from archival photos to updated logos.

Communication Services

Copywriting and Editing

UDC writers and editors provide writing, editing, and content development, including invitations, annual reports, a poster or periodical, a sophisticated brochure or crisp online copy. We would also provide project management and proofreading.


Graphic designers would work closely with our editorial staff to create sophisticated materials that enhance and promote the image of UDC. Since our design team has played a pivotal role in the implementation of the university’s graphic standards and branding materials, we can ensure that your project conforms to university style.

Production Management

The Office of Marketing and Communications will work with several vendors providing printing services that the Office of Procurement Services has identified as reliable, high-quality, and competitively priced. We select the most appropriate printer for each project and obtain an accurate estimate (including the variables that customers often wish to consider before selecting format and quantity).

Website Development

The web provides many people, from prospective students to community stakeholders and possible philanthropic donors, with their initial impression of UDC. To help customers throughout the university meet their online communications needs, our team includes a Webmaster expert and designers with expertise in electronic design; our editors also have extensive experience in writing for the web. We can also design online versions of invitations, newsletters, brochures, and other projects.

Video Production

Video production consulting services are provided through UDC-TV staff to assist university clients and grant partners in the development and creation of video content for short-form promotional use, personal appearances and video features in support of UDC-TV educational programming mission, or coordination, development, and creation of long-form educational products that are financially supported by grants or department funding.

Communication Procedures

Please send all submissions to and we will determine which channel is best. Any request for a UDC Communication distribution has a minimum two week notice for the department to disseminate to the appropriate university audiences.

Thanks for your support.

Communication Channels

Channel Purpose Frequency
Social Networks
Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,YouTube, LinkedIn,Instagram
Internal and external communications, videos and photos. As needed (during business hours – unless true emergency, like school closings).
From central communications –
High-level communications, board meetings/agendas, emergency notifications.
System Outages
Procurement Deadlines ( i.e. closing and opening of the budget)
New System Implementations (i.e. Banner, Blackboard Analytics, myUDC)
As needed (during business hours – unless true emergency, like school closings).
Internal communications, events, announcements. As needed (during business hours – unless true emergency, like school closings).
UDC Website
Communications and information focusing on student recruitment and retention. Geared for external audiences. As needed (during business hours – unless true emergency, like school closings).
Turnaround times are 3 days for basic web updates (if all requirements are confirmed), but longer on bigger projects.
Monitors Short internal communications, events, announcements As needed (during business hours).
This is not an application supported by the Office of Marketing and Communications however If you need assistance with Blackboard, please visit their Online Help Desk or call toll free 877.736.2585. If you are on campus you can visit the Blackboard office in the Learning Resources Division, Bldg 41, 1st Floor, Room 106.