Admissions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Two weeks after submitting your application, you can check on the status of your application and supporting documents required for admission. Simply log into UDC’s application system using the same Login ID and PIN # you used to create the application.  If you forget your ID or PIN, please email your admission counselor.

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How do I fill out an application for admission?

You will receive an application receipt confirmation, supporting documents notice, admission decision letter, and next steps from your admission counselor.

How do I know my student type and which online application to complete?

Before you apply, please determine your student type It’s important to identify your correct “student type” and complete the corresponding online application so that we can accurately evaluate your application and request the appropriate supporting documents.

What should I do if I started to fill out the wrong application type?

Once started, you can’t delete an application. However, please email your admission counselor to alert us if you filled out the wrong type of application, and then complete a new, correct application type using the same username and password. Please do not create a new username when you start the second application, as this will delay the admissions process.

How do I correct an application submitted with incorrect or missing information?

Please do not start a new application if you submitted inaccurate information, missing information, or need to change or update your semester, major, or demographic information, as this will delay the admissions process. Instead, please complete the Application Update Form and email it to Please allow 5 business days for processing.

What are the standards for admission?

All students who earned a high school degree and have not been placed on academic suspension within the last two years by a previously attended university are eligible for admission to the Community College.

First-Time in College Applicants (Bachelor Degree Seekers)- must meet the following criteria:
2.5 high school grade point average and 1200 SAT or 16 ACT score; OR
2.0 – 2.49 high school grade point average and 1400 SAT or 19 ACT score

Transfer Applicants– Earned 30 college credits or more and have an aggregate college GPA of 2.0 or higher; OR Earned less than 30 college credits and earned a H.S. GPA of 2.5 or higher

Re-admit and Non-degree Applicants- seeking students are automatically eligible for admission to the Flagship as long as they have at least a 2.0 GPA and have not been placed on academic suspension within one year by a previously attended university.

International Applicants- please review the step-by-step guide for international students.

Graduate Applicants-students should review their chosen program’s website for specific program admissions standards,

What are the documents required for admission?

All students must complete an online application and pay an application fee; additional requirements vary by college and student type.

  • First-Time in College Applicants:
    • First-time students who apply to the Community College must send UDC their high school transcripts
    • First-time students who apply to the Flagship must submit their high school transcripts and official SAT or ACT scores (test optional effective fall 2020)
  • Transfer and Re-admit Applicants:
    • Applicants to either the Community College or Flagship must submit transcripts from all previously attended colleges. Students who have earned less than 30 college credits should submit their high school transcripts as well.
    • Attention Transfer Applicants to UDC: If you have or will request Financial Aid (via FAFSA), the University requires— for financial aid purposes — verification of high school completion.
      In addition to your college transcripts, please submit a high school transcript or GED transcript to complete your admissions application.  This applies to Transfer applicants who intend to request UDC Financial Aid.
  • International Applicants:
    • Applicants to either the Community College or Flagship must submit evaluated transcripts from all institutions attended as well as all documents required for entry into the United States. International students should review the complete list of requirements on the international student page of the admissions website.
  • Non-Degree Applicants:
    • Applicants to either the Community College or Flagship must submit either a high school transcript, current college transcript, or a letter from their current college showing good academic standing
  • Graduate Students:
    • In general, graduate students must submit their college transcripts, a personal statement, and official GRE or GMAT scores. Additional requirements vary by program. For more information, please visit

For additional details on application requirements, please view the step-by-step guides found on the admissions website for your student type.

Your Application is incomplete until all required documents are received by Admissions.

What are official test scores?

UDC requires official test scores to make an offer of admission. Official test scores are sent to UDC directly by the testing agency. When you take the SAT or ACT, you have the option of requesting that your test scores are automatically submitted to UDC; otherwise, you can request the submission of your test score to UDC directly from the College Board or the ACT.

What are official, final transcripts?

UDC requires official, final transcripts before students can enroll and register for classes. An official transcript is defined as a verification of a student’s academic record issued in the original language from the original issuing source sent directly to UDC either electronically and/or delivered in a signed, sealed envelope.

UDC will admit first-time in college students based on a six or seven-semester high school transcript but must receive a final transcript with a date of graduation, including month and year, before students can enroll. UDC will also admit transfer students based on in-progress transcripts but must receive an official transcript from their current semester before students can enroll.

Where do I send my application documents?

We encourage you to send all supplementary documents for admission to the Office electronically at

You can also mail or deliver in person to the following address:

UDC Office of Recruitment and Admissions, Bldg.39, A Level
4200 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008

How do I pay my application fee?

At the end of the online application, you will be prompted to pay your $35 (all undergraduate domestic students) or $50 (all international and graduate students) application fee by credit card. After you submit your application, you will not be able to return to your application and pay your fee by credit card. Instead, you must send the Office a check or money order payable to the University of the District of Columbia along with a completed Application Fee Payment Form, which can be downloaded from the Admissions website.

Does UDC accept application fee waivers?

Fee waivers are available to current District of Columbia high-school students who face financial hardships and who apply for admission to UDC for the fall immediately following high school graduation.

UDC accepts waivers, for all participating states, from the National Association for College Admission Counseling or from the College Board. Please review these sites for more details on fee waiver eligibility criteria and the application process.

Students must submit a completed application for admission before their application for a fee waiver can be assessed. Students cannot obtain a fee waiver after they apply for admission if they have already paid the application fee. UDC will not refund any application fee already paid. Students who apply for a waiver will receive notice only if their fee waiver is denied.

How can I check on the status of my application?

You may also view your application and/or admission status online by using the Web ID and PIN you created at the time you submitted your online application,

If you have not provided the required supporting documents (see checklist), there will be a delay in getting an admission decision to you. The status of your application is “pending” until all documents are received and have been processed.

You will be able to view online a checklist of all documents needed to complete your application—UDC cannot make an admissions decision until your application is complete. If you believe the checklist contains any errors in regard to either required documents or documents you believe that UDC should have received already, please email the Office.

To ensure that you can access your account, please be sure to write down the user ID and password that you create.

Why did I get an offer of admission to the Community College when I applied to the Flagship?

Students who apply for admission to the Flagship (Bachelor’s Degree Program) but don’t meet the required academic standards are offered admittance to the Community College instead.

First Time in College Applicants who do not meet requirements may still be eligible for admission to the Flagship if they achieve minimum scores on the ACCUPLACER examination sub tests as follows:

English Score: 86
Mathematics Score: 85
Reading Score: 78

Note: Once enrolled at the Community College, students who complete all developmental courses; earn at least fifteen credits; and are in good academic standing can easily transition to the Flagship.

Are students admitted on a conditional basis?

UDC does not admit domestic undergraduate students on a conditional or provisional basis.

International students who meet all academic standards for admission except for the English proficiency requirement are eligible for conditional admission. Please see the international student conditional admissions guidelines for more information.

Graduate students are eligible for conditional admission on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the graduate program director.

Admitted, what are the next steps to enroll?

After you receive your offer of admission letter, a next steps communication will follow within 24 hours that includes the next steps to enroll in classesNext Steps to Enroll | Admissions (

How do I apply for District of Metro Area residency?

All students are automatically classified as Non-Residents unless they apply and qualify for District or Metro Area residency. Your residency status determines your tuition rate, and thus, it’s critical that you apply for a change in residency by the established deadline.  For more information and application, visit

*Note: Non-immigrant VISA holders are ineligible for District or Metropolitan Area residency and are automatically classified as Out-of-State. This includes students on (F) Visas, diplomatic (A) Visas, Foreign organization employees with (G) Visas, and persons having other non-immigrant Visas.

How will my previously earned college credits transfer to UDC?

In general, students receive credit for all standard college courses taken at an accredited university passed with a grade of “C” or better. UDC has no maximum in the number of credits allowed for transfer, but consistent with UDC’s residency policy, students—including post-baccalaureate students—can apply a maximum of 90 transfer credits towards a Bachelor degree and a maximum of 45 credits towards an Associate’s degree. Additional credits towards the degree must be earned in residence at UDC. For more detailed guidelines on how your credits may transfer, please review UDC’s transfer and examination credit policies.

Admitted transfer students and returning students who earned college credit after leaving UDC have their transcripts evaluated by the Admissions Office, and receive an electronic and hard-copy Transfer Credit Report detailing how many and in what way their credits have transferred to their degree at UDC. Students who apply before the priority deadline should expect to receive their Credit Report within 4-6 weeks after their offer of admission. Due to the large volume of transfer students who attend UDC, students who apply and are admitted after the priority deadline may not receive their report before the start of the semester, and should meet with an Admissions transfer counselor or academic advisor on campus before the start of classes to obtain a credit evaluation.

Students who apply before the priority deadline should expect to receive their Transfer Credit Report within 4-6 weeks after their offer of admission. Due to the large volume of transfer students who attend UDC, students who apply and are admitted after the priority deadline may not receive their report before the start of the semester!

How much does it cost to attend UDC?

UDC is the most affordable university in the Nation’s Capital. The total annual cost of attendance includes  tuition, fees,  living expenses and is dependent upon whether students are enrolled at the Community College or as an undergraduate or graduate students at the Flagship, and whether they are classified as a Resident, Metro Area resident, or a Non-Resident.

To view the current cost of attendance, please visit

How do I apply for financial aid?

It’s essential that you apply for federal financial aid as early as possible when applying for admission to UDC. The application process starts with filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  and ensuring that you include UDC’s FAFSA code of 007015.

For additional guidance on the application process, please visit the UDC Financial Aid website  or contact the Office at or 202.274.5157.

Does the University provide support for students with disabilities?

Yes, the university is committed to providing equal and integrated access for individuals with disabilities to all the academic, social, cultural, and recreational programs it offers.  For more information, please visit our Accessibility Resource Center webpage,, call 202.274.6417, or email

Do you take Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits?

Yes. Students may receive credit for scores on AP tests while taken in high school. The University will only consider grades received at levels 3, 4, and 5 for AP credits.

Receipt of credit is also acceptable by students who have earned credits toward an International Baccalaureate (IB) Only a score of 5 or above will be accepted.

Such evaluations will solely be accepted within the first two semesters of enrollment at the University.

Do you accept home schooled applicants?

Applicants interested in gaining admission to one of the University’s bachelor programs must provide a transcript with an earned GPA (2.5 GPA for bachelor programs). High school transcripts submitted without GPAs will not be accepted. Accuplacer exam is a required supplement to gain admission to either the University or Community College. Transfer applicants with 24 or more credits are exempt from this requirement.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, the DCUP Scholarship is merit based and automatically awarded to eligible first time in college students who are admitted the fall semester immediately following high school graduation. For more information regarding the DCUP Learning Community, please visit, Below is pertinent information on the different tiers of scholarship offered to DC-UP scholars at the University of District of Columbia.

DC Public & Charter Schools

  • 3.7 GPA or Higher / Valedictorian & Salutatorian – Full Ride (tuition/fees/housing stipend)
  • 3.4 – 3.6 GPA – 40% Partial (tuition/fees)
  • 3.0 – 3.3 GPA – 30% Partial (tuition/fees)

Metro High Schools

  • 3.7 GPA or Higher / Valedictorian & Salutatorian – 50% Partial (tuition/fees)
  • 3.4 – 3.6 GPA – 15% Partial (tuition/fees)
  • 3.0 – 3.3 GPA – 11% Partial (tuition/fees)

Out of State / International Schools

  • 3.7 GPA or Higher / Valedictorian & Salutatorian – 30% Partial (tuition/fees)
  • 3.4 – 3.6 GPA – 15% Partial (tuition/fees)
  • 3.0- 3.3 GPA- 10% Partial (tuition/fees)

Additionally, students may view other scholarship opportunities by visiting,

Admissions Deadlines

Application Deadline

Undergraduate Application Deadline

Term US Students International Students
Fall August 1 Apr 30
Spring January 1 Sep 1
Summer I May 1 There are no International Admissions in the Summer
Summer II May 15 There are no International Admissions in the Summer
No Graduate admissions for Summer term

Explanation of Admission Deadlines

Graduate Application Deadline

Term US Students International Students
Fall March 15 February 15
Spring October 15 September 15
No Graduate admissions for Summer term

Explanation of Admission Deadlines
Priority Application Deadline for the Ph.D. in Urban Leadership and Entrepreneurship is April 15