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About the Center for the Advancement of Learning

Welcome to the Center for the Advancement of Learning!

The Center for the Advancement of Learning is a fusion of the unit formerly known as the Center for Academic Technology and the Research Academy for Integrated Learning. Housed in the Learning Resources Division, the Center for the Advancement of Learning is an extension of the Office of the Chief Academic Officer that works with faculty, staff, graduate student instructors (TAs), postdoctoral scholars, and administrators across UDC’s colleges, divisions, and campuses.

The Center offers a diverse range of services, programs, and professional development activities to advance teaching and learning. The Center team maintains advanced degrees and certifications in a variety of academic disciplines and provides programming in cross-disciplinary, discipline-specific, and institutional capacities. Each program is customized to the individual needs of departments, schools, and colleges. The Center strives to promote a learner-centered culture that values and rewards inclusive, innovative, and effective instruction and course design.


To advance UDC’s culture of learning across the university, in the district, and beyond.


Our mission is to empower stakeholders with knowledge, skills, and tools to advance outcomes.


  • Serve as a leader amongst peer institutions in teaching, innovation, learning, and training
  • Conduct research on learning science and digital tools that inform cutting-edge instruction
  • Partner across the university and externally to refine inclusive learner-centered practices
  • Provide collaboration, hands-on training, and individualized support
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