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Video Tours by Department

32 208 Advance Digital System Design Lab Advanced Digital Systems Design Lab-Building 32, A03-Relocated after recording
32 A01 Electric Circuits Lab Communications Electronics Lab-Building 32-A01
32 A02 Circuit Lab Circuits Electronics Lab-Building 32-A02
32 A03  

Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Space Technology & Applied Research at UDC (CAM-STAR)


Video Tour -Relocated since recording

32 A04 Electrical Engineering Research Space
32 A05 Robotics Lab Robotics Lab-Building 32, A05
32 B01-03 Senior Project Lab Senior Projects Lab-Building 32-B01-03-Ososanya
Computer Org Digital Design-Building 32-B01-03-Zhang
32 C01A Modeling & Simulation Lab Modeling Simulation Lab-Building 32 C Corridor C01A-Klein
Civil Labs-Building 42, C level, C01A-Behera
32 C01B Graduate Research Office
32 C02 Center for Biomechanical & Rehabilitation Engineering Bio Engineering Lab-Building 32, C02
32 C03 Computer Lab Computer Lab-Building 32, C03
32 C03A Computer Science Research Lab Research Lab-Building 32 C03A
32 C04A Control & Engineering Measurement Lab Controls Engineering Measurements Lab-Building 32-C04A-Shahirinia
Measurement and Control Lab-Building 32, C04A-Xu
Controls Engineering Measurements Lab-Building 32 C04A-Denis
32 C04B Mechatronics Lab Mechatronics Lab-Building 32-C04B 32-C04B Robotics Mechatronics Lab Equipment
32 C04C Material Testing Lab Materials Testing Lab-Building 32, C04C 32-C04C Materials Testing Lab Equipment
32 C05 Renewable Energy Lab SEM Lab-Building 32, C05 32-C05A Scanning Electron Microscopy Lab Equipment
Renewable Energy Lab-Building 32, C05 32-C05 Renewable Energy Lab Equipment
Renewable Energy and SEM Labs-Building 32, C05/Inner lab
32 C06 Machine Shop Machine Shop-Building 32, C06 32-C06 Machine Shop Lab Equipment
42 214 CAD Lab
Robotics/Controls Lab
42 111A Nanotechnology Characterization Lab Nano Measurements Lab-Building 42, 111 42-111 Nanotechnology Measurement Lab Equipment
42 111B Nanotechnology Fabrication Lab Nano Fabrication Lab-Building 42, 111B 42-111 Nanotechnology Fabrication Lab Equipment
42 114A Computer Lab Data Science Lab-Building 42 114A
42 114B Computer Lab  Teaching Lab-Building 42 114B
42 113B Computer Lab
42 A07 Visual Analytics Autonomous Systems Lab Cisco Networking Academy Lab-Building 42, A07
42 A09 Freshman Design & Multipurpose Room
42 A09A Seminar Room
42 C07 Power Systems Lab
42 C08 Geotechnical Engineering Lab Geotechnical Engineering Lab-Building 42, C08
42 C08A Civil Engineering Graduate Research Office
42 C09 Concrete & Aggregate Lab Concrete and Aggregate Lab-Building 42, C09
42 C10A Multiscale Thermal Transport & Energy Conversion Lab
42 C10 Solid Mechanics, Structures  & Materials Testing Lab 42-C10A Multiscale Thermal Transport Lab Equipment
42 C11 Thermo Fluids Lab Thermofluids Lab-Building 42, C11-Azam 42-C11 Thermo Fluids Lab Equipment
Thermofluids Lab-Building 42, C11-Xu
42 C13 Additive Manufacturing Lab Additive Manufacuturing_42,_C13 2-C13 Metal Additive Manufacturing Lab Equipment
Outside  Building 46 Zero Energy Home Visitor Center



Faculty Offices

Computer Science Faculty Office Suite-Building 42, 112
Electrical/Computer Engineering Faculty Office Suite-Building 42, 109
Mechanical and Civil Engineering Engineering Office Suite-Building 42, 213
Mechanical Civil Engineering Office -Building 42, 213
SEAS Dean’s Office Suite-Building 42,212
General Classroom-Building 42, A09/A09A
Computer Science Teaching Lab-Building 42 108
Computer Science Teaching Lab-Building 42 113B
Tutor Lab/Study Area- Building 42, level 2



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Library-Building 38, level B