Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering offers world-class higher education in a highly interactive and interdisciplinary learning environment. We prepare students to seek highly lucrative and exciting careers in national laboratories, federal organizations, and advanced industries.



Advanced Manufacturing/Nanotechnology: Are you interested in state of the art manufacturing? This specialization will develop your expertise in nanomanufacturing, 3D printing, and advanced manufacturing. Students can choose research topics in nanotechnology and additive manufacturing. Our nanotechnology application laboratory houses a clean room and multiple resources. The advanced manufacturing lab holds equipment such as our EOS metal additive machine.

Renewable Energy Science and Technology: Do you want to support sustainable human life and independency from fossil fuels? We have state of the art resources to provide advanced education and experiential learning in solar cells, wind energy, fuel cells, and smart grid areas.

Biomedical Engineering: Interested in enhancing human health with technology? Our biomedical program allows you to develop novel biomedical devices to improve quality of life. Our state of the art biomedical engineering lab is equipped with advanced motion detectors, force plate, and sensors to conduct research on mobility and balance.


Research Partners

Our faculty enjoy collaboration with institutions and industries such as the National Institutes of Standard and Technology, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, Naval Research Laboratory, Kansas City National Security Complex, Oak Ridge National Lab, Northrup Grumman, and Lockheed Martin.


Grants and Funding

The mechanical engineering faculty have federal grants and projects to support MS studies in our department. With the support of federal funding from the National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Sponsored Research, Department of Energy, and Department of Defense grants, we have developed advanced laboratories and courses.


Research Labs

  • Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory: Additive manufacturing equipment
  • Nanotechnology Application Laboratory: Clean room and microfabrication equipment
  • Microscopy and Device Characterization Laboratory: AFM and scanning electron microscope
  • Center for Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering: Motion detectors, force plate, and sensors


For More Information Contact:

Dr. Pawan Tyagi
Graduate Program Director
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering