SEAS Faculty Areas of Expertise


Hossain Azam, Ph.D., P.E.–Experimental and Modeling Based Water and Wastewater (Water Resources Engineering, Urban Water Systems, Storm Water Management, Non-Point Source Pollution, Climate Change. Municipal & Industrial) Treatment, Solid Waste Management with Leachate Treatment, Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus, Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology, Groundwater/Sediment Remediation, Resources Recovery, Environmental Engineering Education. 202.274.6293,

Pradeep Behera, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE (Department Chair)–Water Resources Engineering, Urban Water Systems, Storm Water Management, Non-Point Source Pollution, Climate Change. 202.274.6186,

Bryan Higgs, Ph.D.–Psychophysiological Driver Behavior, Transportation Network Vulnerability and Optimization, Travel Demand Modeling, Multi-level Multi-Objective Game Theory. 202.274.6600,

Lei Wang, Ph.D., P.E.–Geotechnical Risk and Reliability, Infrastructure Robustness and Resilience, Supported Excavation and Tunneling, Reliability-Based Geotechncial Design and LRFD Calibration, Earthen Levees and Dams, Sustainable Civil Engineering Materials, Numerical and Centrifuge Modeling, Soil Liquefaction and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Foundation Engineering. 202.274.6327,

Ahmet Zeytinci, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow-ASCE, Fellow-NSPE–Structural Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Analysis and Design, Engineering Education, Engineering License Exams. 202.274.6291,



Uzma Amir–Area Robotics, STEM Programs. 202.274.6550,

Li Chen, Ph.D.–Image Processing, Object-oriented Programming and Design, Algorithm Design and Complexity, Discrete Geometry and Digital Geometry, Data Science: Theory and Applications. 202.274.6301,

Anteneh Girma, Ph.D.–Information Security and Assurance, CyberSecurity, CyberSecurity Intelligence, CyberSecurity Governance, Risk Management, and Security Auditing, Cloud Computing and Security, Internet of Things and Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cryptography, and Data Science. 202.274.6548,

Dong Hyun Jeong, Ph.D.–Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Analytics, Information Visualization, Cloud Computing. 202.274.6292,

Thabet Kacem, Ph.D.–Cybersecurity, Smart Transportation Systems, Software-defined Radios/Radars, Cyber Physical Systems, Sea Level Rise. 202.274.5809,

Junwhan Kim, Ph.D.–Distributed Systems, Software and Hardware Transactional Memory, Fault Tolerance, Wireless Networking, Cross-layer Optimization. 202.274.7455,

Lily Liang, Ph.D.–Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Data Mining. 202.274.5086,

Timothy Oladunni, Ph.D.–Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Software Engineering, Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Mining. 202.274.5512,

Briana Wellman, Ph.D. (Department Chair)–Multi-robot System, Educational Robotics, Autonomous Systems. 202.274.6695,

Byunggu Yu, Ph.D.–Database, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Bigtable, MapReduce, Sensor-Network DB, Information Storage and Retrieval, Spatial Database, Spatio-temporal Database, High-dimensional Database, Indexing, Data Modeling, Operating Systems, Mobile Database, Informatics. 202.274.6289,



Paul Cotae, Ph.D.–Digital Communication, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Anomaly Detection, Intrusion Visualization. 202.274.6290,

Hongmei Dang, Ph.D.–Nanoscale Device Fabrication & Modelling, Defect Analysis, Nanoscale Electronic & Solar Cells, 2D Materials. 202.274.5836,

Sasan Haghani, Ph.D.–Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, Wireless Sensor Networks, Broadband Communications. 202.274.6595,

Wagdy Mahmoud, Ph.D., P.E.–System-level Hardware/software Co-design, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems. 202.274.5239,

Esther Ososanya, Ph.D. (Department Chair)–Microcomputer Architecture, VLSI & ASIC Designs, Embedded Systems, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy. 202.274.5837,

Amir Shahirinia, Ph.D.–Power Systems Optimal Planning and Control, Power Electronics and Motor Drives, Renewable Energy; Smart Grids; V2G and G2V; Plug-in Electric Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence, Bayesian Statistics, Data Analysis, Algorithm Development. 202.274.6917,

Nian Zhang, Ph.D.–Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Big data, Time Series Prediction. 202.274.6615,



Ji Chen, Ph.D.-Wearable Robotics and Control, Biomechanics Analysis and modelling, Assistive technology and techniques, Movement enhancement protocol design. 202.274.5039,

Max Denis, Ph.D.–Diagnostic ultrasound & tissue elasticity imaging, Breast and thyroid cancer detection, Acoustic remote sensing. 202.274.5045,

Kate Klein, Ph.D. (Department Chair)–Nanomaterials synthesis & characterization, Microscopy, Electron and ion beam applications, In-situ experimentation, Mechanical properties of materials. 202.274.7131,

Ludwig C. Nitsche, Ph.D.–Microhydrodynamics, multiphase flow and diffusion, computer simulations with particle methods, applied mathematics, applications in drug delivery. 202.274.5082,

Devdas Shetty, Ph.D., P.E.–Smart manufacturing, Design for mechatronics, Rehabilitation products, Robotics, Surface roughness. 202.274.5033,

Lara Thompson, Ph.D.–Postural control and mobility, Non-invasive and invasive prostheses, Sensory substitutes, Rehabilitative devices. 202.274.5046,

Pawan Tyagi, Ph.D.–Molecular spintronics, Additive manufacturing and postprocessing, Spin photovoltaic cells and solar thermal air heaters, Nano biosensors and brain imaging, Student presentation based effective Teaching (SPET). 202.274.6601,

Jiajun Xu, Ph.D., P.E.–Multiscale thermal transport and energy conversion, Multiscale modeling and simulation, Thermal-fluid science, Nanotechnology, Renewable energy and water treatment, Additive manufacturing. 202.274.5048,