External Advisory Boards


Department of Civil Engineering

Mr. Barry Caison, PE, Associate
Ben Dyer Associates

Dr. Chandra Pathak, PE, D.WRE, F.ASCE
US Army Corps of Engineers

Dr. Mathini Sreetharan, PE, CFM, Senior Engineer & Associate

Mr. Rizwan A. Siddiqi, PE, President & CEO
EBA Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Howard Gibbs, PE, FNSPE, Ret. Civil Engineer, Fellow NSPE

Mr. Dan E. Hanlon, P.E., Director of Planning & CA Services
LORING Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Mr. John Tarr, P.E., Chief Engineer, Urban Development Program Manager
Prince George’s Soil Conservation District

Mr. Richard Barret, P.E., Project Engineer

Dr. Inder Bhambri, Ph.D., PE, Professor Emeritus, UDC


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mr. Alireaza Mohadjer (EE Advisory Board, Chair), President and CEO
Satways, Inc

Dr. Leonard R. Rockett, President
Technology Metrics, LLC

Mr. Ernest Freeman, PE, Founder and CEO
SFA, Inc Contractor (DoD, NRL)

Dr. Michael J. Marcus, CEO
Marcus Spectrum Solutions LLC


Mechanical Engineering Program

Dr. Shawn Moyan
National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Gaithersburg

Dr. Siddique Kidwai
Naval Research Laboratory , Washington DC

Mr. Williams Ramolus
Booz Allen

Mr. Frank Boris
Department of Transportation

Mr. Devin Kennedy
Northrup Grumman

Dr. Washington de Lima
Kansas City National Security Campus

Dr. Dan Bowen
Kansas City National Security Campus

Mr. Raymond O’Tool

Mr. Rattan Tawny

Mr. Phillip Lowell
Northrup Grumman


Biomedical Engineering Program

Alexander Dromerick, M.D.
Vice President of Research, MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, Chair & Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Georgetown University

Arielle Drummond, Ph.D.
Lead reviewer, FDA

Victor Krauthamer, Ph.D.
Former Director, Division of Biomedical Physics, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Office of Science and Engineering Labs, FDA

Arlene King-Berry, J.D.
Chair of UDC Faculty Senate


Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Mr. Ado Trakic,

Mr. Ivan M. Johnson
Chief Executive Officer and President, Novel Applications of Vital Information, Inc.

Ms. Angela Manley
Chief Executive Officer, DaeD Industries, LLC

Mr. Travis Armbuster
Director of Information Services, Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater

Mr. Cedric Wilkerson
Senior IT Security Services Advisor, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Boyle Stuckey
Chief Executive Officer, Consultant, S2Ci

David Johnson
VP Intelligence Programs, Novel Applications of Vital information