Why Earn Your
Degree at UDC?

  • UDC provides the most affordable college education in Washington, D.C
  • UDC offers in-demand majors aimed at your career success
  • UDC has the lowest faculty-student ratio of any college in the region
  • UDC gives you access to resources and opportunities

First Time College Students

What does UDC have to offer? Quality curricula; supportive professors; flexible schedules; a diverse student body; a vibrant location; career opportunities; and affordable tuition.

Community College

The Community College serves students who are pursuing Associate Degrees. Students who apply to the Community College are admitted on an open admissions basis.

Transfer and Re-Admit Students

UDC enrolls hundreds of transfer and returning students every year. Whether you’re new to our campus or coming back, welcome home.

International Students

UDC is a hub of global cultural exchange, welcoming students from dozens of countries. Find out how to apply and enroll through this step-by-step guide for international students.

Graduate Students

UDC offers research-driven, career-oriented graduate programs that are led by expert faculty who are leaders in their fields.

Law School

UDC’s David A. Clarke School of Law recruits and trains the next generation of diverse, effective, and ethical legal advocates

Non-Degree Students

Interested in taking a few courses with minimal hassle or move up on the career ladder? Are you a high school student exploring dual enrollment? Look no further: