Brief Sheet – Overview of SEAS

Scholarships, Internships and Grants

Announcements emailed to student for Scholarships And Internships, Academic Opportunities

There are many resources for scholarships and grants.

Research Opportunities

Contact your faculty advisor or other the faculty in your discipline to learn of research assistantships and the Research Centers at SEAS.

Internships – Jobs – Assistantships — HANDSHAKE

If you are seeking a job or internship don’t forget to set up an account on


It is our centralized job portal to connect you to on and off campus employment opportunities.

Student Clubs and Organizations

You can begin to build on your professional career now, while a student, and join a student club and organization. Networking, leadership opportunities, learning from peers and professionals are included in a short list of reasons why you should join a student club and organization related to your academic program and career goals.

Transfer to UDC

UDC has articulation agreements with several institutions but know that all prior college transcripts will be reviewed, course-by-course, to offer the maximum number of transferable courses to the University and to the degree program of your choice.

Curriculum Sheets – Plan of Study

Be sure to follow the curriculum/plan of study for the term you entered the program. Consult your faculty advisor to be sure you are using the correct one.


Model Plan of Study

Advising Sheets for those entering during the recent term.


Curriculum Sheets

Students should be sure to follow the degree program in place during their initial matriculation term. If unsure, ask your faculty advisor.

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Spring 2015 EE with Computer Engineering Option
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STEM Center

The STEM Center is a major vehicle at the University that enhances the research capabilities and productivity of STEM faculty through collaborative professional development activities. These activities are designed to emphasize research as a complement to teaching and an important tool to increase professional productivity of STEM faculty.  The enhancement of UDC STEM faculty’s research skills influences their awareness of how to develop an understanding of techniques that lead to consistent improvement in the faculty’s ability to conduct independent research.  Additionally, it assists them in adopting best-practices in conducting research, pairs them with experienced researchers in their disciplines, teaches them to adopt effective research methods that improve their techniques, and helps them integrate research into the undergraduate courses and curricula. The Center promotes collegial collaboration among UDC faculty and faculty across the nation through our partnerships with research-intensive institutions (Academic Advancement Partnerships).

In addition to faculty development, the STEM Center is the premier program that initiated the concept of an undergraduate Journal Club on the UDC campus. When it began, it was the only STEM Program included in this forum. In addition to serving undergraduate students on the campus of the University of the District of Columbia, it is a hub for developing unique and innovative ideas and activities for students majoring in STEM disciplines.  The Center specializes in facilitating undergraduate laboratory and research experiences for its participants.

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