B.S. in Computer Engineering

Microsoft Scholarship Opportunity for Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a wide discipline that provides society with many critical utilities impacting public welfare and safety, health and healthcare, environment, quality of life, transportation, computing, and leisure. Computer engineers generate innovative technology solutions addressing a variety of global problems.

As a Computer Engineer you can get work in private and public sectors, government agencies, and private industry. Graduates focus on all aspects of computational devices and systems, including hardware and software. Familiar devices like notebook computers, music players (iPod), game consoles (Wii), robotics, computer generated imagery (Pixar), virtual reality, integrated circuits, and computer networking, cell phones, robots, digital audio, computer networks, and even search engines involve Computer Engineering.

We will help prepare you for a career in computer engineering developing your technical background in math, science, and engineering principles, as well as excellent communication skills.

The program covers a broad base of fundamental sub-disciplines of various topics that include communications, solid state electronics, wireless sensors, signal processing, digital electronics, and solar energy and emphasizes hands-on learning and excellence in design. The first two years of the program focus on strengthening your math, science, and basic engineering. The third and fourth years focus on computer design and capstone senior design.

The program is designed with success of the individual student providing small class sizes for a personal teaching environment and individual attention.


Sample curriculum layout

Your 128-credit-hour program consists of

Basic Science and Mathematics; 32
General Education: 25
Basic Engineering: 13
Technical electives: 9
Computer Engineering Core: 49
Total: 128

Sample Courses Offered

Electrical Circuits
Signals and Systems
Computer Organization
Computer Architecture
Computer-Aided Digital Design
Digital Communications

Department Chair

Dr. Esther Ososanya

Program Director

Dr. Wagdy Mahmoud