Summer 2024 is filled with Engineering and Computer Science programs for high school and middle school students. Here’s an overview.
Program Dates and times Program Description Faculty Lead
Johns Hopkins Innovation Program July 1 – July 26 Johns Hopkins Engineering Innovation Program -one month program at UDC for high school students, funded by JHU. 14 students (most of them are junior high)-July 2024 Dr. Ji Chen, TA: Andrew Grizzle,
Summer Bridge Program June 17- June 28 Calculus ready summer bridge program (with support from a private foundation) for college ready students.  Engages students and provides orientation to be successful in STEM programs.  Additionally, the cohort will have the opportunity for a scholarship to continue with a credit-bearing Intermediate Algebra or Intensive Precalculus in Summer II session. (earmarked for 25-30 prospective students (graduated from high school) Dr. Kate Klein and Ms. Ann Lankford,
NSF CUE (CS, IT, Cyber) Program 3 weeks in July 2024 Programs for incoming CS, IT, and Cybersecurity students. This  involves coding, math, and college-readiness workshops.   NSF CUE grant and can support up to 15 students. The grant is collaborative and involves one week of virtual meetings/activities with 5 HBCUs. Dr. Liang, Dr. Wellman and Prof. Amir,
Apple Swift Coding Camp 6-week camp starting on June 24 Apple Swift Coding Camp at Anacostia High School. The students will learn app development.  It is funded by Apple. It involves. One graduate student is also a coach for the camp. This is a six-week camp starting June 24th. This camp is part of the MBYSEP program for 20-25 incoming 9th and 10th graders. Drs. Alipour-Fanid, Zewdie, Azam, and Dr. Wellman,
REU Program June  24-August 16 Research Experience for Undergraduates REU program, hosted by the Center of Excellence in Acoustics and Seismic Studies in Urban Environment.  Dr. Max Denis,
US Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP), June  24-August 16 High School Undergraduate Internship Program through US Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP), 8 weeks. Dr. Max Denis,
NASA funded summer program July 8-19 NASA funded summer workshop Center for Advanced Manufacturing -STEM Awareness and Engagement, July 8-19 summer workshop, Dr. Xu and Mr. Feiyang Bai,
NASA-Funded Faculty Workshop on Culturally Relevant Instruction August 12-14 University of Cincinnati -led Faculty workshop for culturally relevant and responsive instruction in STEM during August 12-14, 2024. Supported by NASA MCA curriculum grant. ~15 faculty and graduate students Dr. Jiajun Xu and Dr. Kate Klein, Dr. Max Denis,
Civil Engineering Program on Water-Energy-Food- Climate June 24 to August 2 Civil and Environmental Engineering program for High School students with emphasis on Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus. Students will spend time with each discipline of Civil Engineering conducted by specialized faculty-a) structural engineering and construction management, b) geotechnical engineering, c) transportation engineering, d) water resources engineering and e) environmental engineering. For 1 week- site visits from DC Water, DC DOEE, Firebird Farms etc. Dr. Azam, Dr. Behera, Dr. Ozkula, Dr. Patil, Dr. Higgs and partners,
NIH NIA MSTEM Summer Undergraduate Research Program June 3 to  August 1 Biomedical engineering and aging-related summer research experience for undergraduates:  This 8-week summer research program will involve UDC faculty and UDC graduate student mentorship of undergraduate students from UDC, FAMU, UMass, and St. Lawrence College/ Columbia University.  Funding for this activity is from the NIH NIA MSTEM and Waterman grants Dr. Thompson (PI), Dr. Chen, Dr. Peebles, Dr. Denis, Dr. Zhang,