Please see below about how COVID-19 has affected our operations:

As we work remotely during this time, the Counseling and Wellness Center continues to provide services to the UDC community. Part of those services includes telemental health sessions, which are provided in accordance with ethical guidelines and legal regulations of D.C. and state laws across the country and internationally. Therefore, due to licensure requirements, students who are physically located outside of certain jurisdictions, may not be able to participate in all of the services that we provide. Please reach out to us at (202) 274-6000 to identify ways we can support you directly and/or in referring you to other available resources.

Counseling and Wellness Center

Counseling and Wellness Center

The UDC Counseling and Wellness Center is available to promote psychological wellbeing that helps students reach their academic, personal, and relational goals.  We work to help you address any issue that may be interfering with your wellbeing or success.  Services are provided by trained professionals and are fully confidential.

Students receive free professional assistance in managing depression and anxiety and other mental health disorders, learning about themselves, creating healthy relationships, developing life coping skills, and improving decision-making skills.  Essentially, the counseling services are provided in order to help you address any personal, emotional, or psychological issues that pose a barrier to your success, so that you can achieve your potential.  Personal counseling and mental health services are provided on an individualized basis, and the student and counselor create treatment goals together.


To become a student mental health center that is recognized for its commitment to professional excellence, invaluable outreach, and accessible programs and services that meet the unique needs of the UDC community.


We believe that every student has basic and unique needs which must be fulfilled in order to function successfully in a learning environment.


The UDC Counseling and Student Development Center is committed to promoting psychological wellbeing that ultimately helps students reach their academic, personal, and relational goals.  Our counseling services and programs emphasize self-awareness, relational fulfillment, self-care, and personal growth.  By providing students with accessible mental health services and educating the university community regarding psychological wellbeing we aim to foster a healthy learning environment.

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Online Mental Health Screening

The screenings are quick and anonymous.  Once you click on the link below you will have the option to take one or more of several screenings (depression, eating disorders, anxiety, alcohol problems, etc.). Just read through the descriptions and take as many as you need or want.
The screening tools are not diagnostic instruments. If you are concerned about your own problems or the problems of another person please contact the Counseling and Wellness Center at 202.274.6000.

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