Student Health Insurance

All students enrolled at the University of the District of Columbia are required to have adequate health insurance to provide coverage for medical and mental health care needs in case of an illness.

Both domestic and international students, graduates and undergraduates are automatically enrolled in the United HealthCare Plan offered through the University. Students are encouraged to waive their insurance if they have another health insurance that provides adequate coverage to avoid been charged for the insurance provided by United Health Care.

For a copy of fees and services covered by the United HealthCare Insurance Click Here(Not available at this time )

For instruction on waiving your insurance see below or call 202-274-5030 for assistance or questions.


Step By Step Instructions on Waiving

  1. Visit
  2. Select the ‘’Waive Coverage’’ button
  3. On the Step 1 – Student Validation page, provide your Date of Birth, and Student Id number, and select next
  4. You will then see a screen for Step 2 that will inform you that a special code has been sent to your email address on file. This email will come from containing your Student Center Verification code. Please be sure you are checking your junk/spam folder for this code. You must then enter the verification code to begin the waiver process.

Please note, each time you start from the Step 1: Student Validation step and enter your Date of Birth and Student ID, a new verification code will be sent to your email address on file. Please be sure that you are not closing out of the Waiver Log in screen when checking your email for the Verification Code, as closing it will only reset it again. Try opening a new tab to check your email to find your verification code in your email and leaving your waiver log in screen open. If you receive an error message that your information cannot be found after entering your student ID number and DOB, please email

If you registered for classes more than 5 business days ago, you may wish to confirm your status with the University Health Services at 202-274-5030.