Student Health Insurance Plan

All 2019-2020 Students (New, Readmit, Transfer and Continuing)

First Student

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When do I Enroll/Waive in the Plan?

Open Enrollment Periods: Annual Deadline – 9/13/19 | Spring Deadline 2/7/20 | Summer I Session Deadline 6/12/20 | Summer II Session Deadline 7/17/2020

The premium for this coverage is added to the student’s tuition bill. Students who waive coverage with proof of comparable insurance coverage by the waiver deadline will see the premium removed from their account.

How do I Enroll/Waive?
To complete the Enrollment or the Waiver process, please go to:, click on either the Enroll Now – Health Insurance or the Waive Your School’s Health Insurance button and follow the directions.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL STUDENTS: Open Enrollment Periods for all Dependents and Students: If you have eligible Dependents in the fall or, are a student in the fall semester and eligible to purchase coverage and you choose not to enroll for coverage before the Fall Enrollment Deadline of *September 13, 2019, your Dependents or you, will not be eligible to enroll again until the start of next fall unless you experience a “Life Status” change during the year. A life status change includes marriage, divorce, birth of a child or loss of coverage through no fault of your own (i.e. aging of your parents coverage). If your Dependents or you, experience a “Life Status” change, you must submit proof of the event and enroll within 30 Days of the event, otherwise you will no longer be eligible to enroll for the remainder of the policy year.

* For new Dependents or new students in the spring semester, your open enrollment deadline is February 7, 2020.
* For new Dependents or new students in the summer 1 semester, your open enrollment deadline is June 12, 2020.
* For new Dependents or new students in the summer 2 semester, your open enrollment deadline is July 17, 2020.

Please contact customer service at for cost and enrollment information as a Life Status Change.
Please refer to First Student Website for any additional information.

Please refer to First Student Website for any additional information.

Annual Spring/Summer Summer 1 Summer 2
8/11/19 – 8/10/20 1/9/20 – 8/10/20 5/15/20 – 8/10/20 6/26/20- 8/10/20
Student $978.00 $575.00 $236.00 $124.00
Spouse $978.00 $575.00 $236.00 $124.00
One Child $978.00 $575.00 $236.00 $124.00
2 or more Children $1,956.00 $1,150.00 $472.00 $248.00
Spouse + 2 or more Children $2,934.00 $1,725.00 $708.00 $372.00

For additional questions or issues regarding the Student Health Insurance, please call the Student Health Insurance Liaison in University Health Services 202.274.5030.

Health Services

A Division Student Development & Success

Building 44, Room A-40
phone 202.274.5030
fax 202.274.5411 (Confidential Faxes)

Office Hours
Fall, Spring & Summer
Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm
Wed: 8:30am - 6pm