UDC STUDENTS: How to Schedule an Appointment

UDC Counseling and Wellness Center is dedicated to promoting psychological wellbeing that enriches personal, career, and academic growth. We provide a broad range of high-quality, innovative, and ethical services, resources, and information to students, staff, and faculty.

Eligibility for Services 

Enrolled UDC students are eligible for counseling services at the UDC Counseling and Wellness Center.  Services are offered free of charge. 
Initiating Services & Scheduling Appointment 

The Counseling & Wellness Center offers virtual and in-person counseling.  Traditional in-person services resume in August 2021. 

  • Call 202.274.6000 to make an appointment for services. 
  • You can also request an appointment through the online form below.  We will contact you within two business days from the submission of your online appointment request form. 

 Request an Appointment 

What happens during the first appointment – the “Initial Consultation?” 

  • You will complete a bit of paperwork.  Allot about 20-30 minutes prior to the appointment to complete the required paperwork. 
  • For virtual appointments, you will need to be ready to receive the link to online paperwork about an hour before your first appointment. 
  • You will meet with a CWC clinician for approximately 50 minutes to discuss the following: 
  • Presenting issue(s) – what prompted you to schedule an appointment now?   
  • Symptoms – what are you currently experiencing 
  • Services you are seeking – ongoing therapy, one-time appointment, off-campus referrals, etc. 
  • Goals – what would you like to be different as a result of counseling? 
  • Next steps 
  • *The clinician that you meet with for the first appointment may not be the clinician that you work with for ongoing therapy.* 

What happens during the second appointment – the “Intake” appointment? 

  •  You will complete some additional paperwork.  Allot approximately 20 minutes prior to your appointment to complete. 
  • Meeting with a CWC clinician for approximately 50 minutes to discuss the following: 
  • Your personal history and background.  This typically includes your family history, important relationships, developmental challenges, trauma history, etc. 
  • Strengths and interests 
  • Therapeutic goals 
  • Next steps 


  • Counseling is a voluntary and confidential service. Students have the right to decline or accept the option of receiving counseling services.
  • Licensed Counselors and psychologists are required by law and ethical guidelines to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
  • The confines of confidentiality protect students’ privacy from the release of information to faculty and staff.
  • Only students/clients of UDC Counseling Services can give written permission to disclose your information to outside parties.
  • Exceptions to this policy is if a student/client is assessed as being a danger to self or to others, or if a student/client disclosed abuse of someone unable to protect him/herself.
  • Services can only be mandated through the UDC Judicial Affairs or through a recommendation of a Behavioral Intervention Team, Threat Assessment Team.

The Counseling and Wellness Center welcomes all UDC students to inquire and/or receive services from our campus offices. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, (202) 274-6000