INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING provides an opportunity to talk about yourself, your feelings, the way you relate to other people, your values, and any other topics that concern you.  You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions in FAQS.

GROUP COUNSELING can provide helpful information and connections to others. Support groups are offered at times for various populations such as first-year students, law students and international students.

CONSULTATION is for times when you are concerned about someone else.  We are happy to talk with you in person or on the telephone to help develop ideas for dealing effectively with the situation.

EMERGENCY SERVICES are described on their own page.

Counseling and Student Development Center

OUR VISION We are here to meet the unique challenges of our culturally diverse clientele/students.

OUR PHILOSOPHY We believe that every student has basic and unique needs which must be fulfilled in order to function successfully in a learning environment.

THE MISSION The UDC Counseling and Student Development Center is dedicated to promoting psychological wellbeing that enriches personal, career and academic growth. We provide a broad range of high quality, innovative, and ethical services, resources and information to students, staff and faculty. The Counseling Center also actively contributes to the campus’ broader academic mission by training and developing students and professionals, helping build a multicultural learning community, and providing leadership through collaborative partnerships.

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  • US Students
    • Fall: May 15
    • Spring: Oct 15
    • Summer: Apr 15
  • International Students
    • Fall: Apr 15
    • Spring: Sep 15
    • Summer: Mar 15

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