Conditional Admission for International Students

International students and permanent residents and refugees educated in countries whose primary language is not English who meet all admissions requirements except for the English Language Proficiency requirement are eligible for conditional admission to the Flagship or to the Community College. Conditional Admission means that UDC has determined that you are academically admissible, based on your academic record and other university and/or departmental and program requirements, but that you have additional requirements (English Proficiency that you must satisfy in order to turn this Conditional Admission into a Full Admission and matriculate at UDC.
The following policies apply to international students who are interested in conditional admission to UDC:

  • UDC has a partnership with ELS Educational Services to admit students on a conditional basis to UDC on the condition that students achieve English proficiency through ELS’s accelerated English language program. ELS offers accelerated English courses at over 50 ELS Centers in the USA, including in Washington DC. As certified by ELS, students must earn a minimum proficiency score of 109 for full admission to the Community College or 112 for full admission to the Flagship undergraduate or graduate programs.
  • Students interested in conditional admission to UDC should contact ELS Educational Services directly.  Students are assigned an ELS authorized Counseling Agent who will help you prepare all the documents needed to apply for admission to UDC. ELS University Admission Services (UAS) will review your application package and when complete, send it to UDC for review and a decision.
  • UDC will accept students who meet all requirements for admission except English proficiency on a conditional basis with full admission and matriculation contingent upon their completion of an ELS Educational Services English program and accomplishment of the identified proficiency levels. ELS will send you UDC’s admissions decision and will facilitate all immigration paperwork and releases for students to enter the country, including your ELS I-20.
  • An ELS pre-arrival English assessment test is offered through many ELS authorized Counseling Agencies. This assessment informs you of your current English proficiency qualifications. It can help you plan your studies and your university entry date.
  • Upon completion of the ELS program, students send proof of their ELS proficiency levels to the UDC Office of Recruitment and Admissions, at which time UDC will update the applicant record to the term of entry, and fully admit and enroll the student. Students must submit proof of proficiency by at least one week before the start of classes for the term in which they intend to enroll or must enroll the following semester.
  • Students who do not obtain their proficiency levels within 12 months of their conditional admission must reapply to UDC.
  • While conditionally admitted, UDC has no responsibility for the immigration status or other issues pertaining to the conditionally admitted students, and these students are not eligible to take UDC classes or use UDC services.

Admission Deadlines

Application Priority Deadlines

Term US Students International Students
Fall May 15 Apr 15
Spring Oct 15 Sep 15
Summer Apr 15 Mar 15
No Graduate admissions for Summer term

Explanation of Admission Deadlines