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Establishing DC and Metro Residency

With limited exceptions*, all students are initially presumed to be out of state and must establish through clear and convincing evidence that they qualify for in-state tuition. UDC offers preferential tuition rates for residents of D.C. and the D.C. Metro area. In order to receive classification as a D.C. resident or D.C. Metro resident, one must have resided in D.C. or the D.C. Metro area for a minimum of 90 days prior to the start date of the semester in which the student is seeking preferential residency. Students may verify the start date on the University Academic Calendar, Academic Calendars Active duty and recently discharged members of the military (and their dependents) may be able to waive the 90-day requirement by verifying their military status.

The D.C. Metro resident tuition rates apply to students residing in Prince George’s County or Montgomery County in Maryland, or Alexandria County, Arlington County, or Fairfax County in Virginia.  A comprehensive listing of covered counties, cities, and zip codes can be found here (pgs. 5-8).

To ensure that the residency of students is accurate for tuition assessment and the receipt of financial aid, the Proof of Residency Form and all and two supporting documents from our acceptable documents list must be submitted no later than the following deadlines*:

  • Spring 2024 Semester – January 16, 2024
  • Summer 2024 Semester: 1st 6-week session—May 17, 2024, 2nd 6-week session—July 5, 2024
  • Fall 2024 Semester – August 29, 2024

Proof of Residency Forms and documents received after the above deadlines will not be approved.

Step 1:     Review the Residency Policy and Qualified Zip Code Listing (Metro Applicants) to verify if you are eligible to apply, Click here to view.

Step 2:    
Complete Proof of Residency Form and Supporting Documents,  Proof of Residency Form Checklist.
To prove that you meet the qualifications, you MUST SUBMIT TWO of the approved supporting documents listed below. Students may claim residency on their own behalf, or if claimed as a dependent, on behalf of their parent(s) or legal guardians:

  • Certified State Taxes for the most recently completed calendar year (DC Form D-40 or D40EZ income tax return, Virginia Form 760 or Maryland Form 502, or other resident individual tax returns that bears address). You may request a certified copy by visiting the respective city/state tax agency website below. Federal Income Tax Returns (Form 1040) are not accepted.

DC Gov Office of Tax and Revenue

Maryland Office of Tax and Revenue

Virginia Department of Taxation

Please note there is a 30-day turnaround time.

  • State-Issued ID (Unexpired) – Driver’s License or State-Issued ID (passports are not accepted)
  • A State Benefit Transcript – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Or SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from a District, Maryland, or Virginia government agency, showing receipt of public benefits from that agency, and bearing an address within the District, or one of the qualified Metro Area counties. State medical benefits are not accepted, Social Security Supplement Security Income and Unemployment Insurance Claims
  • Voter Registration Profile – (voter registration cards are not accepted)

DC Voter Registration Profile

Maryland Voter Registration Profile

Virginia Voter Registration Profile

  • W-2 Form/Statement – for the most recently completed calendar year.
  • Utility Bill – water, gas, electric, oil, or cable with name and address, issued within the last 90 days. Disconnection notices/bills are not accepted.
  • A Signed Copy of The Deed, Mortgage Statement or Lease Agreement – If the student’s name is not on the document a notarized letter from the named owner or lessor attesting to the fact that the student resides full-time at the property is required.
  • Property Tax Bill – DC, Maryland, or Virginia or tax assessment issued within 90 days before student’s enrollment period reflecting the applicant’s name and property address.
  • Homeowners Or Renters Insurance Policy – Unexpired policy reflecting name and address with policy effective date 90 days before the student’s enrollment period.
  • Home Security Bill – issued within the last 90 days reflecting name and address.
  • Certified Social Service or Shelter Document issued within the last 90 days reflecting the student’s name.

Special Populations

DC Public or Metro Area Public High School Graduates
DCPS Students who enroll at a District Public (or District Public Charter) School or Metro Area public high school or enters the University of the District of Columbia in the fall or spring semester immediately following his or her high school graduation and has an official high school transcript with his or her current District or Metro Area address noted on their transcript are exempt from steps 1-3.  However, if a student does not enroll the fall or spring semester after graduation student must adhere to steps 1-3 as outlined above.

District Government Employee
This policy applies ONLY to students who are current employees of the District of Columbia government, and who are actively engaged in agency-sponsored  education and training, and whose enrollment at UDC will enhance their education and training. Such employees who provide the proof noted below qualify for District residency status. Students who meet this qualification must provide two forms of proof. Please submit an employment verification letter, and a driver’s license or state-issued ID.

Eligible Non-Citizens
Asylees, Refugees, and Permanent Residents are eligible for District or Metro Area residency rates if valid, unexpired, immigration and proof of residency documents are provided. Please note your eligibility to qualify for reduced tuition starts at least ninety (90) days from the issue date of your green card, with valid proof.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Associate Degree Program
Students working in community-based, Head Start/Early Head Start, DCPS, and DCPCS in DC working to fulfill the mandate to receive at least an AA degree in Early Childhood
Education (ECE) by 2023. Students who meet this qualification must provide a signed letter on the employer’s letterhead confirming employment.

Regardless of federal immigration status, District resident Dreamers who within the previous 10 years, attended high school in the District of Columbia for 3 years, graduated from a high school in the District, or received the equivalent of a high school diploma in the District may be eligible to establish residency. Your high school transcript will serve as verification of residency.

Military Status
Verify your status with Ms. Sequoyah Adebayo at military@udc.edu.

Current DCPS/Charter Dual Enrollment High School Students
No is action required. Your high school transcript provided by your high school counselor and/or dual enrollment coordinator will serve as proof of residency.

*Non-immigrant Visa Holders
Non-immigrant VISA holders are ineligible for District or Metropolitan Area residency and are automatically classified as Out-of-State. This includes students on (F) Visas, diplomatic (A) Visas, Foreign organization employees with (G) Visas, and persons having other non-immigrant Visas.

**Students cannot use the university housing address to establish residency for a preferential tuition rate at the University of the District of Columbia.