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News & Events

Event Date Registration Links
FTIC Admit Day Wednesday, April 20th Last Names

https://bit.ly/FTICAdmitDaySB M-Z:

FTIC Next Steps Saturday, April 23rd at 11 am https://bit.ly/FTICNextSteps
FTIC Next Steps Friday, April 29th at 12 pm https://bit.ly/FTICNextSteps
Transfer Next Steps Thursday, April 14th at 6 pm https://bit.ly/TransferNextSteps
Transfer Next Steps Wednesday, April 27th at 12 pm https://bit.ly/TransferNextSteps
Nondegree/Readmit/2nd Degree Next Steps Thursday, April 14th at 6 pm https://bit.ly/RN2NextSteps
Nondegree/Readmit/2nd Degree Next Steps Tuesday, April 26th at 12 pm https://bit.ly/RN2NextSteps
Information session Monday, April 18th at 12 pm https://bit.ly/UDCInfoSession
Information session Wednesday, May 4th at 6 pm https://bit.ly/UDCInfoSession