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 DEAN’S LIST- Spring 2016

Congratulations to the following students who made the Dean’s List. Keep up the good work!

Aldaham Bader ACCT
Alghamdi Somayyah Abdullah ACCT
Almusaad Moayad ACCT
Alnuwasier Abdullah ACCT
Alwutayd Ibrahim ACCT
Assefa Biruk ACCT
Bernal Eduardo ACCT
Binsleem Faisal Sulaiman ACCT
Celentano Teilen ACCT
Fokou Ronel ACCT
Kattan Hassan Mohammedzohair ACCT
Nadew Meron ACCT
Nguyen Tra ACCT
Thompson Michelle ACCT
Tiruye Ayenew ACCT
Vo Yen Phung ACCT

Business Management

Abutaleb Rayed BSMG
Alanazi Mohammed Khulaif BSMG
Aldawsari Ali BSMG
Alkhater Hassan Rashid BSMG
Alnuwiser Adel Sulaiman BSMG
Alotaibi Fahad Mohammed BSMG
Alqahtani Nourah BSMG
Alsafari Hadeel BSMG
Alshamlani Abdullah BSMG
Alsubaie Mubarak BSMG
Ampe Loucace BSMG
Avery Frederick BSMG
Baguelin Alexis BSMG
Bailey Anthony BSMG
Bale Ogma BSMG
Barros Carrillo Arfaxad BSMG
Bugshan Mohammed BSMG
Claure Guzman Kevin BSMG
Cohen Jeremy BSMG
Fadul Osman BSMG
Fekadu Beza BSMG
Filiz Gizem BSMG
Hablain Ajwan BSMG
Hadnadova Dominika BSMG
Hallinan Courtney BSMG
Hill Laquinte BSMG
Hussain Mohammed BSMG
Khairy Yara BSMG
Kouadio-IV Ann-Sophie BSMG
Lammy Dian BSMG
Lewis Dior BSMG
Manel William BSMG
Mills Gary BSMG
Montgomery Nakia BSMG
Murillo Merino Ander BSMG
Ohio Ohioma BSMG
Pineda Reina BSMG
Sakulowski Lena BSMG
Simpson Yvonne BSMG
Sims Michelle BSMG
Tamang Ashok BSMG
Management Information Systems
Egbarin Henry MGIS
Procurement & Public Contracting
Williams Tracey PPCT
Main Office
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