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SBPA Faculty & Staff

Office of the Dean – 202.274.7000 phone 202.274.7105

Mohamad Sepehri Dean 202.274.7000 mohamad.sepehri@udc.edu
Ravi Chinta Associate Dean – Academics & Accreditation 202.274.7000 ravi.chinta@udc.edu
Kelley Thomas Exe. Asst. to the Dean 202.274.7050 kelley.thomas@udc.edu
Lucita Diaz Administrative Assistant 202.274.6622 lucita.diaz@udc.edu
Antoine Jameson Computer Specialist 202.274.7059 antoine.jameson@udc.edu 
Ernest Nelson Computer Technician 202.274.7067 ernest.nelson@udc.edu


Department of Accounting – 202.274.7002 phone 202.274.7005

Alex (Tih Koon) Tan Chairperson (Professor) 202.274.6916 tihkoon.tan@udc.edu
September Smith Department Secretary 202.274.7002 september.smith@udc.edu
Aigbe Akhigbe Associate Professor 202.274.7064  aigbe.akhigbe@udc.edu
Botao “Rosa” Chen Associate Professor 202.274.7065 botao.chen@udc.edu
Debra Robinson-Foster Instructor 202.274.7057 drobinson-foster@udc.edu
Suzan Abed Associate Professor 202.274.5438 suzan.abed@udc.edu
Ngan Nguyen Assistant Professor 202.274.7064 ngan.nguyen@udc.edu
Yiyi Bai Visiting Assistant Professor 202.274.7058 yiyi.bai@udc.edu


Department of Business Management – 202.274.7001phone 202-274-6741


Jian Hua Chairperson (Professor) 202.274.7138 sbpamgt@udc.edu
Monique Conquest Department Secretary 202.274.7001 mconquest@udc.edu
Amit Arora Professor 202.274.6265 amit.arora@udc.edu
Anshu Arora Professor 202.274.7039 anshu.arora@udc.edu
Dazhong Wu Associate Professor 202.274.7024 dazhong.wu@udc.edu
Donovan Collier Associate Professor 202.274.7046 donovan.collier@udc.edu
Feng Xu Associate Professor 202.274.7043 feng.xu@udc.edu@udc.edu
Paul Bachman Professor 202.274.7042 pbachman@udc.edu
Sergey Ivanov Professor 202.274.7040 sivanov@udc.edu
Michael Tannen Associate Professor 202.274.7045 mtannen@udc.edu
Racquel Brown-Gaston Associate Professor 202.274.6617 rgaston@udc.edu
Julius N. Anyu Professor 202.274.7175 jndumbe@udc.edu
Yolandra Plummer Associate Professor 202.274.7044 yolandra.plummer@udc.edu
Blaine J. Branchik Visiting Associate Professor 202.274.7061 blaine.branchik@udc.edu
Main Office
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