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Welcome to the site for currently operating and registered SBPA student organizations here at UDC.

Joining a student organization gives you the opportunity to become an expert in your favorite subject as well as make friends with those who share similar interests. It is a forum from which you can form study groups and network with your peers.  It encourages you to take on leadership roles in which you can earn the respect of your college community.  It engages you in the local community through project-based studies, with the help of your faculty advisor.  This is one aspect of college life which has proven to be among the most memorable and exciting.  It gives you a voice.  It gives you plethora of knowledge and a voice within the student body.  It leaves echo for generations to come.

Won’t you join us?

Delta Mu Delta Epsilon Sigma Chapter

Delta Mu Delta is the International Honor Society for business programs accredited by ACBSP at the baccalaureate, graduate and doctoral levels, and Epsilon Sigma Chapter is the only chapter in the District of Columbia. Delta Mu Delta inductees represent the top 20% of business students.  It is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, ACHS, whose objective is to maintain high standards for the recognition and promotion of academic excellence in higher education. The Epsilon Sigma Chapter of the University of the District of Columbia was installed on February 8th, 1991.  In September 2006, the chapter received its first “Star Chapter” award, a national honor, in recognition of outstanding performance in chapter operations and administration. A second “Star Chapter” award was earned in September 2007. The total chapter membership to date is 393.  Contact:

Faculty Advisor, Dr. Michael Tannen at or

Marketing Club

One of the core functions of the Marketing Club is to expose members to real-life marketing tasks and challenges.  The Club members will experience the effects of applying concepts learnt in class helping business people around you to thrive.  Imagine yourself communica-ting  with the business owners in the local community and assisting them with a marketing plan or new ‘cool’ promotional campaign .  Imagine the impact you have just made on that business owner’s life and that of his family.   Imagine how you could have contributed to the growth of the economy as you witness that sales blossom as a result of your involvement?

All this and more you can experience through UDC ‘s Marketing Club.  Join us.  Contact us at!

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Chapter here at the University of the District of Columbia, provides students with valuable practicum experience in the “income tax arena,” through their Tax Clinic. The students are trained to and prepare tax returns for the public, amounting to $50,000 or less. The members, in addition to going out into the community and participate in other volunteer Tax programs, also attend to the public who visits them on campus. They interview members of the public, summarize information of the tax filers on an “intake interview sheet” and also complete the tax returns on computerized tax software that is provided by the SBPA. One of the quality control aspects of NABA’s Tax Clinic program was that each tax return had to be reviewed by one of the two advisors prior to being release. In addition to the Tax Clinic, NABA invites perspective employers on campus to conduct information sessions and also to ensure that the students are kept abreast of the latest guidelines for the CPA and other Accounting issues. They attend national conferences and remain fully engaged in other aspect of the university community, and the DC community at-large.  UDC School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA) Students – Participate in Congresswoman Norton’s Annual Tax & Financial Services Fair.  NABA Chapter here at UDC, ensures that you will be professionally astute upon graduation.

Join us.  Contact UDC’s Accounting Club at

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) Student Association

The UDC-NLA Student Association is a professional student group, driven by student leaders under the guidance of the Campus Director, which focuses on the development of nonprofit management and leadership skills through the practical application of the CNP competencies within the community and the UDC community.  The purpose of the UDC-NLA Student Association is to plan and participate in activities and programs that will contribute to the student’s development as a Certified Nonprofit Professional. This provides students with the hands on experience needed for a career in the social/nonprofit sector.  Participation in the Student Association is a requirement of all seeking either the Graduate in Nonprofit Management & Leadership or Undergraduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.  However, this organization is open to all students graduate or undergraduate interested in the Nonprofit Sector.

Join us. Contact Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) at

University of the District of Columbia – Omicron Delta Epsilon, International Honor Society for Economics, Epsilon Chapter of Washington DC.

Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society for Economics (ODE), one of the world’s largest academic honor societies, was created in 1963 through the merger of two honor societies, Omicron Delta Gamma and Omicron Chi Epsilon. In keeping with ODE objectives, Epsilon Chapter recognizes scholastic attainment and honors outstanding achievements in economics; strives to establish close ties between students and faculty in economics and faculty within SBPA and other colleges at the university.  To be eligible for membership in ODE Epsilon Chapter, students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and have completed at least 12 credit hours in economics with a 3.0 or better GPA (some finance courses also satisfy course requirements). Join us.  Contacts: 

The University of the District of Columbia – National Forum of Black Public Administrators (UDC-NFPBA)

According to the president of NFPBA, we are the only student chapter of NFBPA in the nation. UDC-NFBPA is dedicated to the placement of students in leadership roles in the public sector. Through membership, students gain access to a large network of professionals with years of experience and influence in public administration. The national chapter serves as a resource to students by providing seminars, scholarships, and mentoring. The student chapter benefits from the NFBPAs over 2500 members representing more than 350 jurisdictions. Join us!  Contact us at

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