SBPA’s Vision

To develop leaders who can inspire and transform society worldwide in the 21st century.


We provide educational programs that prepare students to become strategic, innovative, and ethical leaders with a community and global perspectivestrive.

SBPA Core Values

  1. We strive to deliver innovative curriculum programs that integrate classroom and experiential learning to prepare students for the 21st century.
  2. We actively seek to establish bilateral partnership opportunities with government, corporate community, and non-profits to enrich the learning experience of our students and to affirm the real-world relevance of our programs.
  3. We recognize, embrace, and value ethnic and cultural diversity. We welcome and respect people of differing backgrounds, beliefs, and points of view.
  4. We embrace and explore technology as a means of enhancing and delivering management instruction in order to increase flexibility for our students and expand our academic outreach.
  5. We value excellence in teaching that supports meaningful research, creative and pragmatic goals, and knowledge dissemination.
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