BS in Health Education, Public Health Option

This program has been discontinued.

Mission & Overview

It is the vision of the Health Education program to become a world leader in developing quality research and community outreach initiatives. These initiatives will shape a generation of public health professionals who will transform the health outcomes of communities across the nation. The Health Education program is designed to prepare graduates to succeed in their chosen fields of study by helping them to develop distinctive competencies and expertise.

As the public university of our nation’s capitol, UDC is a leader in urban education. Graduates of our high quality, affordable and accessible health professions programs are working to advance health in DC and throughout the nation. As we strive to achieve optimal health for all, we are enhancing and expanding our efforts with new courses, certificates, and degree programs. Contact us to keep informed how we can help you advance your career in health professions!


The mission of the Health Education program is to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for communities in the District of Columbia and beyond.


  1. Students will understand the history and philosophy of public health, as well as its core values, concepts, and functions across the globe and in society.
  2. Students understand the concepts of public health communication, including technical and professional writing, the use of mass media, and electronic technology.
  3. Students will learn the concepts, methods, and tools of public health data collection, use, and analysis. Additionally, they will learn why evidence-based approaches are an essential part of public health practice.
  4. Student will demonstrate professional ethics and responsible conduct.
  5. Students will understand population health, and learn the basic processes, approaches, and interventions that identify and address the major health-related needs and concerns of populations.
  6. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of project implementation, including planning, assessment, and evaluation.

Degree Requirements

The Health Education program prepares students with a strong theoretical foundation that develops the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to become an effective public health or health education professional. Students have opportunities to integrate, synthesize, and apply knowledge through cumulative and experiential activities. The program requires a minimum of 120 semester hours, and the final 30 credits hours must be completed in residence at the university.

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Career Options

  • Case Manager
  • Community Health Educator
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Health Counselor
  • Program Evaluator

Cost & Financial Aid

Tuition rates for the University of the District of Columbia can be found here. Financial Aid information for the University of the District of Columbia can be found here.

Faculty Contact

Dr. Phronie Jackson
Program Director


Health Education Fact Sheet

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