BA in Urban Sustainability

Mission & Overview

The  Bachelor of Arts in Urban Sustainability offers students a broadly defined degree option at the bachelor’s degree level that indicates their interest in a career in the sustainable development, urban development, and environmental management field. The program is highly interdisciplinary, yet offers sufficient content focus to prepare students for career success in the fast-emerging sustainability field that cuts across virtually every career field, including construction and building trades, law, health, planning management, and a range of other fields.”

Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be well prepared to succeed in their chosen field of study and stand out by having distinctive attributes and competencies. CAUSES graduates are:

  • Global citizens committed to local relevance
  • Adept at solving urban problems
  • Committed to health & wellness and Food & water security
  • Skilled at navigating diverse social, cultural, built, and natural environments
  • Independent thinkers and collaborative team players
  • Adaptive lifelong learners

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Urban Sustainability degree is a meta-major that can be easily combined with a minor in various academic fields represented in CAUSES, CAS, SEAS, and SBPA. The degree offers students a path toward degree completion in an area of their interest, while also allowing the student to build on the academic credit earned at UDC and/or at academic institutions other than UDC.

See Curriculum

Upon earning the Bachelor of Arts in Urban Sustainability, we strongly encourage students to pursue our PSM in Urban Sustainability degree program.

Career Options

  • Environmental Specialist
  • Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
  • Environmental Project Manager
  • Environmental Impact Analyst
  • Environmental Protection Specialist
  • Urban Development Analyst

Cost & Financial Aid

Tuition rates for the University of the District of Columbia can be found here. Financial Aid Information for the University of the District of Columbia can be found here.

Faculty Contact

Elizabeth Gearin


Upcoming Events

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