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BS in Health Education, Public Health option

Course Descriptions

Health Education

HLTH 104 Introductions to History and Philosophy of Health Physical Education
Examines the fields of health, physical education, and leisure studies in terms of historical development, philosophical foundations, professional standards, roles, and ethics. Discussion focuses on the disciplines’ value and contributions to various community populations, including K-12 and senior citizens.

HLTH 105 Personal and Community Health
Examines primarily sound health knowledge, attitudes and behavior as they apply to the individual. Content covers the spectrum of health problems of concern to the individual from childhood through the senior years with special attention given to the urban environment.

HLTH 204 Prevention First Aid EMS
Includes emphasis on accident prevention and proper injury management in the general and sport environment. Students will receive Red Cross Certification in CPR and First Aid upon completion of course requirements.

HLTH 214 Survey of Public Health
Presents a comprehensive overview of the public health field, including the history and philosophy of public health. The primary intent is to provide information, insight and perspective on a wide range of public health concerns impacting urban and rural populations, as well as children, adults, and the senior citizen.

HLTH 314 Public Health Planning
Designed to develop basic knowledge and technical skills required to identify and assess the magnitude of health problems and issues involved in developing, implementing, operating, managing, and evaluating programs for all ages of citizens from the young to the elderly.

HLTH 324 Organizations/Administration of School & Community Health Programs
Designed for the student whose health career emphasis is focused on employment opportunities as a public health administrator or one who organizes health systems.

HLTH 390 Health Education Practicum
Affords students the opportunity to participate and assist in a variety of public health settings, including programs aimed at all ages including senior populations. Prereq.: Health Education majors

HLTH 404 Mental Health
Provides thorough analysis of the definitions, scope, and extent of mental health. It also covers changing concepts in philosophy, treatment care services, training and therapy. Special attention is
given to the urban environment and problems of all ages including the older citizen.

HLTH 405 Health and Safety in Community Populations
Examines policies, practices, and procedures involved in the organization, administration, and supervision of comprehensive health and safety education programs in the community. Special
emphasis will be given to understanding communicable diseases with respect to signs/symptoms, incidence, epidemiology, control and prevention. All ages from childhood through senior
populations will be explored.

HLTH 406 Consumer Health
Provides a comprehensive analysis of products and services needing consumer evaluation. The course examines those health products and services which can be fraudulent to the consumer, including all ages from youth through senior citizens.

HLTH 417 Health Education Internship
Provides the opportunity for observation and work in a variety of health and recreational settings under professional supervision. Students are required to prepare periodic reports, a final work
product, and attend biweekly seminars. Prereq.: Senior Health Education majors.

HLTH 424 Sex Education
Designed to provide further insight into the physical, psychosocial, and religious factors associated with contemporary attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, myths, and human behavior relative
to heterosexual relationships. Special emphases will focus on personal responsibilities, causation and prevention of pregnancy, and the social epidemiology of venereal diseases. Prereq.: Health Education majors

HLTH 426 Drug Use and Abuse
Provides an interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary drug issues and problems. The course will examine physiological, psychological, social, philosophical, historical, legal, and health
aspects of drug use and abuse. Special attention will be focused on planning and organizing current curricula materials for the teaching of drug education in the schools. Prereq.: Health Education majors

HLTH 465 Measurements and Evaluation
Examines measurement techniques and statistical analysis in the fields of health, physical education and leisure studies. Special attention is given to test construction and the importance of statistical analysis in determining human services. Prereq.: Junior health education major. Prereq.: Health Education majors

HLTH 493 Seminar: Health Issues
Provides students with a forum to openly discuss community health issues and problems in an academic setting. Topics will be aimed at all population ages from youngsters to senior adults. Current topics will be selected, prepared, and presented by the students with instructor approval. Prereq.: Health Education majors

HLTH 494 Senior Project (writing intensive course in the major)
Equips the student in basic research techniques. Each student will successfully complete a comprehensive research project utilizing recognized research methodology. Students will present and defend projects with peers and the instructor Prereq.: Health Education majors