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Call for Abstracts

The 2017 National Capital Region Water Resources Symposium will be held April 7, 2017 at the University of the District of Columbia.   This one-day symposium will bring together experts from governmental agencies, academia, the private sector, and non-profits to present and discuss innovations in water research, technology, policy and management to respect and reflect the true value of water.  The Symposium is seeking abstract submissions until December 5. 2016. Read the full announcement here.

Request for Proposal

The Water Resources Research Institute is accepting project proposals under the Water Resources Research Act, Section 104 (b). The DCWRRI is requesting a proposal for research or information transfer that is consistent with the mission of the Institute and explores new ideas to address water problems in the District of Columbia as well as expand understanding of innovative ways of managing urban waterways. Partly funded by the U.S. Geological Survey, the mission of the DCWRRI is to provide the District of Columbia with interdisciplinary research support to identify DC water resource problems and contribute to their solutions. Read the full announcement here. Deadline is 5:00 pm, Friday, December 1, 2017.

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The mission of Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) is to provide the District of Columbia with interdisciplinary research support to identify DC water resources problems and contribute to their solution. In addition to coordinating and facilitating water resources-related research projects through seed grants provided to faculty members from the consortium of universities in the District, the Institute provides training and disseminates research findings that address water issues in the DC area and beyond. The Institute supports collaborative research that engages not only faculty members and students, but also a broad array of stakeholders to address regional water issues in a holistic way. Areas of focus include drinking water source protection, storm water management and planning, water safety, and watershed stewardship. WRRI offers the following programs and services.

National Capital Region Watershed Stewards Academy is an innovative educational program designed to train and empower citizen-activists with an interest in watershed protection. Developed in partnership with the Anacostia Watershed Society, the 14-week course blends lectures by regional water experts with practical, field-based experiences working on low-impact development and green infrastructure installation.

Stormwater Management & Planning provides research-based solutions to address flooding damage and water pollution due to combined sewer overflows. This program develops tools and provides training to assist regulators in assessing the effectiveness of best practices to address flood damage, minimize storm water runoff, reduce soil erosion, maintain groundwater recharge, and minimize surface water and groundwater contamination from combined sewer overflows.

Water Quality Education programs promote awareness of ground, surface, and drinking water resources in the District of Columbia. Utilizing the EPA-Certified Environmental Quality Testing Lab at the Van Ness Campus, water quality program educators monitor various water sources in the District using random sampling and testing processes. Research findings are distributed to residents through publications, workshops, and special events. CAUSES is currently developing training and certification courses for Water Quality Lab Technicians and Waste Water Operators based on EPA standards.

Water Safety Training programs provide training to the general public in assessing and preventing both chemical and biological/pathogen contamination of bodies of water, including drinking water, swimming pools, retaining pools and tanks, rivers and streams, ponds and lakes, marshes and the ocean.