Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out who is working on my requisition and the status?

Please send an email to   Please make sure your requisition has first been approved by your internal process and then by your finance specialist.

Where can I locate a W-9 form to be sent to a vendor?

The W-9 form can be printed from the IRS Website.  The form is located under the “FORMS” section.  Once this form is completed, the form can be sent via email to: for immediate processing.

How do I communicate with the OCP staff?

All OCP staff can be contacted on their Office phones as listed in the UDC directory.  The main number 202-274-5181 is also available if you don’t know who to contact.

Will telework apply to temp work assignments, contractors/consultants currently providing services?

The Department Head must provide a justification for the need for the contractor/consultant to telework and the CA will have to monitor actions and deliverables.

Can current Purchase orders be modified?

Yes, as long as OSSP contracting officer receives a justification and budget approval for additional funds.

Will professional services that have a current contract and can be provided remotely be affected?

Off Campus professional services that have a current executed contract and purchase order can continue providing services as long as the department still has the need for the services and do not exceed the funding allocated in the contract or on the purchase order. If additional services are needed (due to the unforeseen circumstances) then the CA will have to provide a justification and an approval from budget that additional funds are available. OSSP must approve all modification requests.

Can a new professional services contract that can be provided remotely be processed?

Any new requirements must follow the procedures, justification, SOW, deliverables, term of contract, contractor/consultant resume or company profile, name CA, funding document (requisition)

Can contracts that require UDC employee input move forward?

Due to employees working remotely, and if the requested information is not readily available or in a format that the contractor/consultant can apply, the department may want to consider suspending contracts that require UDC employee participation until further notice.

How will the UDC Community and contractors be kept abreast of the status of University operations?

Updates will be announced on UDC Cable channel 98 (Comcast), UDC website, UDC LiveSafe

Due to OSSP and University Operations working remotely, when will CA and P Card training be rescheduled or resume?

OSSP will send out an announcement when CA and P Card training will be re-scheduled or resume.

How do I request a P-Card increase?

Please visit the UDC website and locate Procurement.  Select forms and scroll down to P-Card Forms and Documents.  Click on the P-Card Limit Change Request Fillable form.  Section B of form needs to be completed your Department Head, and Section C must be completed by your Budget Analyst.  Please do not send the form to OSSP without the form being signed as this will slow down the process and the form will be returned to you.  Once Budget has approved, the form will be sent to Nathan Hunt to process.  Please allow 48 hours for Nathan to process.

How do I ascertain additional P-card concerns.

For additional Information regarding P-Card, Please contact Mr. Nathan hunt  O 202-274-5434  or

Important Documents

Jagger Training Manual - Download >>here< <