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Executive Administration
Mary Ann Harris Director and Chief Contracting Officer 202.274.5426
Eddie Whitaker Capital Procurement Manager and Contract Officer 202.274.6913
Denise Joyner Senior Contract Specialist 202.274.5423
Nathan J. Hunt Procurement Agent 202.274.5434
Brian Brooks Contract Specialist 202.274.5425
Shirley Johnson Senior Contract Specialist 202.274.6068
Anthony Berry Contract Specialist 202.274.6914
Michiko Gadson Contract Specialist 202.274.5191
James Jenkins Senior Contract Specialist 202.274.5624
General Contact Information
Operations 202.274.5181
Operations Fax 202.274.5432
Capital 202.274.6322
Capital Fax 202.274.7308
In-House Supply Store (temporary) 202.274.5181 (temporary)