Intent to Award Sole Source Contracts

(Closed solicitations and contract awards can be found here.)

Aretech ZeroG Gait & Balance System
Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source Procurement (PDF)

Banner Support Services
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract, Strata Information Group, Inc. (SIG) | Sole Source D&F for Strata Information Group, Inc. (SIG)

Marketing & Outreach Intern Services
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract, Genesys Works | Sole Source D&F for Genesys Works

Elevator Maintenance Service Technician
Intent to Award Sole Source Contract, Schindler Elevator Corporation | Sole Source D&F for Schindler Elevator Corp

Interceptor Power Bike-Black / 1,000W Mid-Driven Motor, Law Enforcement Model/ 17″ with SoundOff mPower 4×2 Light and Siren Kit, Police Bag, Assembled and Tested.
America Wild, LLC dba Recon Power Bikes & Determinations

Green House Construction
Blain Snipstal dba Earth-Bound Building Forestry and Farm | Determinations & Findings

Design & Build Services for Anacostia Lab Greenhouse
New Enders Corporation | Determinations & Findings 

SCIEX Triple Quad 5500+ QTRAP Activated | TQ/QT SW Starter Kit – OS-MQ 3.1
AB Sciex, LLC & Determinations and Findings

HAL® S53201 Medium skin tone advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator package; Bedside Virtual Monitor accessory for HAL® S5301 advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator; and Gaumard Cares 2 Year service plan for Hal® S5301 advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator. – Proprietary/Manufacturer / Sole-Source / Intergovernmental
Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc |  Determinations & Findings

SimLabSolutions Vantage Med Surg Tutor Bed Sim Lab Suite Package, SimLabSolutions Mirage Headwall w/ Complete Accessories Package, SimLabSolutions 7013 Radiant Infant Warmer, SimLabSolutions Alaris Medley Infusion Pump Combo Simulation Bundles
DiaMedical USA Equipment, LLC

Enhancement of Landscaping Services
Level Green Landscaping Company, LLC | Determinations & Findings

Clarius proprietary research software package and the sole source Clarius L7 HD3 Wireless Scanner, HD3 power fan, and accessories
Clarius Mobile Health Corp.

Audio/Visual Systems Services & Repairs
Acuity Audiovisual | Determinations & Findings

Purchased Services and Contracts
Networking For Future, Inc. (NFF) | Determinations & Findings

Purchased Services and Contracts for University’s Farmers Market
Randal Stefan Templeton dba The Conceptium Group LLC | Determinations & Findings

Contractual Services
Consciousness Incorporated | Determinations & Findings

Contractual Services
Akiima Price | Determinations & Findings

Provide Banner Support Services for Office of Information Technolgy
Strata Information Group, Inc. (SIG) | Determinations & Findings

Software TerritoriumCLR (Territorium Digital Wallet/Territorium T-Wallet)
Territorium, LLC and Determinations & Findings

Provide Banner Support Services for maintenance and support of existing software and technology
Strata Information Group, Inc (SIG) | Determinations and Findings

Provide security services in support of OPSEM
City Security Consultants, Inc. | Determinations and Findings

Cayuse Exclusive Platform Subscription
Cayuse Topco, Inc dba Cayuse, LLC. & Determinations and Findings

Classroom DTEN Upgrades, Electrical and Electronic Products
Solutionz | Determinations and Findings

Computer Controlled Wind Tunnel & Associated Accessory Components
Kim Marie Carbonaro dba Armfield, Inc.

Marketing & Outreach Intern Services
Genesys Works | Determinations and Findings

New Data Center HVAC System Maintenance
HAVTECH | Determinations and Findings

Elevator Inspection Services
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services | Determinations and Findings

DR3900 Laboratory Vis Spectrophotometer with RFID* Technology
Hach Company

Fabrication Equipment: Laser System Package (VLS4.75 Laser System Package, Rotary Fixture – VLS/PLS, Universal Air Compressor 110V or 220V, Advantage Oracle iQ), CNC Router Package (Maker Fab 48”x48” Router), 3D Scanner Package (Creaform ACADEMIA 50 – Multi-Seat Bundle), F170 3D Printer Package (F170 3D Printer EDU Package and F123 Series Extrusion Head), Technology Package (Technology Package), and Furniture (Furniture Package, OM5 Active Tasker – Red – Stool Height, and OM5 Active Guest – Red)
AMTEK Company, Inc

Provide software with two (2) solver instance tokens capable of running on up to eight (8) core tokens each for the CFD software program, FLOW-3D, and two (2) solver instance tokens for the WELD add-on module, and one (1) solver instance token for the DEM add-on module at the Licensed Department.
Flow Science, Inc.

HAL® S3201 Medium skin tone adult advanced multipurpose simulator package includes…
Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN):
DIH Technology, Inc.

Electrical and Electronic Products
Meter Group, Inc. USA | Determinations & Findings

Various Audio & Supplies for the Law Library
ACUITY Audiovisual | Determinations & Findings

Installation of monitoring equipment to support the Triple Yield Project
Metropolitan Solar Inc dba Seydou Washington Traore | Determinations & Findings

Green House Construction
Blain Snipstal dba Earth-Bound Building Forestry and Farm | Determinations & Findings

Chemical Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
Rigaku Americans Corporation | Determinations & Findings

Food Pantry and Pop-up Market Production Services
Purple Mountain Organics | Determinations & Findings

NanoJet Print System-Dual Material Configuration
Integrated Deposition Solutions, Inc dba IDS, Inc

Classroom DTEN Upgrades, Electrical and Electronic Products
Solutionz | Determinations & Findings

5500 Dual Fiber Raman Spectrometer
Anton Paar USA, Inc.

Scanco MicroCT (Micro-Computed Tomography) 100 imaging system (RDK020922MD-100) and Components
Rasesh Kapadia dba Scanco USA, Inc.

Phase 1B of UDC Television Relocation Project
Human Circuit, Inc. | Determinations & Findings

UDC Emergency Service and Repairs for HVAC Mechanical Systems
Limbach Company LLC | Determinations & Findings |

Banner Support Services for maintenance and support of existing software and technology
Strata Information Group, Inc. (SIG) | Determinations & Findings

Banner Support Services for maintenance and support of existing software and technology
Strata Information Group, Inc. (SIG)

NAO Robots
RobotLAB, Inc.

Provide University Banners and Gonfalons
Southern Tailors dba STF Enterprises, Inc.

Upgrades to the networking equipment, audio visual gear and cabling in the gymnasium
Networking for the Future (NFF) | Determinations & Findings


SCIOS 2 IiVAC System
FEI Company (Thermo Scientific)

Repair of an Exterior Window for the Student Center Building
Parkinson Construction Company| Determinations and Findings

Scoring software & equipment for their athletes
ScoreVision LLC

Employee Assistance Program
Inova Employee Assistance

Bertie Backus CAUSES Aquaponics/Hydroponics Infrastructure Project
Constituent Services Worldwide (CSW) | Determinations & Findings

Unique Market Research regarding CAUSES Projects & Functionality
ArtSpeak Creative | Determinations & Findings

UDC Emergency Service and Repairs for Mechanical System
Bailey Real Estate Holding | Determinations & Findings

Contractual Services-Co-Op Contract
Strata Information Group (SIG) – Determinations & Findings

UDC Emergency Service and Repairs for Mechanical System
Limbach Company, LLC | Determinations & Findings

Firebird Farm Orchard Restoration & Fence-Line Clearing
Purple Mountain Organics | Determinations & Findings 

Respiratory Baby Sim Machine (S2220 Super Tory®)
Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

Research Services
Qualtrics, LLC

Embalming Machine Dodge APC & Accessories
The Dodge Company, Inc

Respironics V60 Ventilators
Philips Holding dba Philips Healthcare

Food Pantry and Pop-up Market Production Services
Purple Mountain Organics | Determinations & Findings

TEAK Planters, for Van Ness Campus
Country Casual Teak | Determinations & Findings

Turnkey Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics Research & Teaching Studio with Open Architecture Software Environment
Quanser Consulting, Inc.


Rotating Fatigue Machine
Amtek Company, Inc.

Aquaponics and Hydroponic Design, Supervisory and Instructional Services
New Enders Corporation

Purchase of Digital Microscope VHX 7000 Series
Keyence Corporation of America

Transducers, Instrumentation and Control Trainer
Amtek Company, Inc.

Determination and Findings for a Special Pilot Procurement – Unique Research on Food Production, Energy Production, and Stormwater Management
Capital Services Management

Contractor to provide Energy, Food, and Solar Water Management

Contractor to provide Clarus SQ8 Mass Spectrometer Controller.
PerkinElmer Las, Inc

Contractor to provide a Coldtub for UDC Athletics.
Arctic Holdings, LLC dba COLDTUB 8-2-19

Sole Source Award to Capital Services Management Inc, to complete carpet installation
Capital Services Management 7-16-19

Provide UDC-CC Civil Engineering an embroidery Machine for their program.
Notcina Corporation dba ZSK Machine 7-8-19

Support of existing software and technology in building 41
Networking For Future, Inc. 6-27-19

Blackboard Student Services
Blackboard, Inc. 6-19-19

Laboratory Equipment for Nanotechnology Research
Structure Probe, Inc dba SPI Supplies/Dov. of Structure Pro 6-18-19

Design Build Services for UDC-TV’s Relocation
Human Circuit, Inc. 6-7-19

Temporary Contract Specialist Services
Brian K. Brooks 5-14-19

Food Pantry and Pop-up Market Production Services
Purple Mountain Organics 4-3-19

Laboratory and scientific equipment, i.e. low temperature transport system, cryocooler.
Advanced Research Systems, Inc.2-19-19

Aquaponics and Hydroponic Design, Supervisory and Instructional Services
New Enders Corporation 1-30-19

Contractor to provide elevator inspection services in accordance with DCRA code and requirements.
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services (DEIS) 11-13-18

Provide referees and officials for athletic games for Winter Season.
Ref Check, LLC 10-18-18

Greenhouse Upgrades, PR Harris & Backus Aquaponic and Hydroponic Systems
Capital City Organics, LLC 9-11-18 | Statement of Work

Aquaponics and Hydroponic Design, Supervisory and Instructional Services
New Enders Corporation 9-5-18

Provide Athletic Equipment and Accessories
Aluminum Athletic Equipment Co. 8-24-18

Laboratory and Science Equipment by Hygiena, LLC
Hygiena, LLC 7-26-18

Contractor to provide all equipment and resources necessary for the complete network infrastructure upgrade throughout all campuses.
Network For Future, Inc. 7-21-18

Laboratory Instrument
Hunter Associates Laboratory 7-11-18

Firebird Farm Electrical Upgrades
Planed Power Systems, Inc | 6-12-18Determination and Findings

Executive search services for the positions of Provost and Dean of the David A. Clarke School of Law.
ABG Search 6-1-18

Nutrient Management Consultation Services
Purple Mountain Organics | 5-30-18  | Determination and Findings

Minimum need to acquire Transact from Blackboard, Inc. for overall support and maintenance needed for technology implementation.
Blackboard Transact 5-1-18

Continuation of Services Institution-Wide Course and Event Calendaring and Analysis Software Solution
College NET Inc. 2-23-18

Implement and develop Phase II (Response & Recovery) of the University’s Occupant Emergency Plan 2-23-18
The Triage Group 2-22-18

Emergency Generator Services
Earth Worth, LLC 2-15-18

Linen Services
Virginia Linen Service of Maryland, Inc. 1-19-18

Implement and Develop a Linux Lab and Certificate Program at the Community College
Rory Butler 12-22-17

Case Support for POWER Program (SBPA)
Velda S. Cross 12-19-17

Elevator Inspection
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services (DEIS) 10-24-17

Bookstore Management
Follett Higher Education Group Inc. 9-11-17

Hydroponics System – Flowvex Aeration
Kakovitch Industries 8-17-17

Kitchen Upgrade for the Bertie Backus Campus
Curtis Equipment 8-15-17

License Agreement Between UDC-TV and Ambrose Video Publishing
Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. 8-3-17

Back to School Campaign – “Faces of UDC”
SRB Communications 7-11-17

Increase the efficient distribution of specialty crops in targeted DC communities
Dreaming Out Loud Inc. 5-24-17

Establishment of specialty crop productions in various DC neighborhoods
DC Urban Greens Inc. 5-24-17

Upgrade, replacement and integration of the Master Clock System for UDC Cable TV
Human Circuit, Inc. 4-6-17

Installation, labor, design, materials, and installation of Hoop Houses for the University
Black Dirt Farm 3-1-17

Continuation of Software Consulting and Maintenance Services
College Net 2-9-17

Pest Control Services
Ecolab 1-27-17

Elevator Inspection Services
ATAB Inc. 11-16-16

Automatic and Swing Doors Repair and Maintenance
DORMA USA, Inc. 11-16-16

Contractor shall provide a CX23 Microscope.
Olympus America, Inc. 8-3-16

Contractor shall provide physical apparatus, computer interfacing and software supplies.
Pasco, Inc. 8-3-16

Contractor will provide new and updated audio/visual components to new UDC Student Center
MCW Solutions, LLC 7-26-16

Contractor will provide installation of Hybrid NVR Surveillance Cameras in Buildings 41 & 52
Advantech, Inc. 7-13-16

Contractor will provide Technical Upgrade to HD (High Definition) Digital Production and Video and Audio Production and Distribution Systems and Equipment Purchase for Cable TV
Human Circuit 7-7-16

Contractor will provide NSC Wellness Center Surveillance System Enhancement 
Advantech, Inc. 6-28-16

Contractor will provide Campus-Wide Surveillance System Enhancement 2016
Advantech, Inc. 6-28-16

Contractor will provide Preventative Maintenance Services for the Student Center
Limbach Company 5-26-16

Contractor will provide Pest Control Services
Ecolab 3-23-16

Contractor will provide Parking Services software
Whitaker Parking Systems, Inc. 3-23-16

Contractor will provide auxiliary services consultation
PBP, LLC 3-23-16

Contractor will provide Space Planning Software – College NET Inc.
College Net Inc. 3-21-2016

Contractor shall provide a PhaseFMR spectrometer to record electromagnetic (EM) waves.
Quantum Design, Inc 3-11-2016

Contractor shall provide a Trigno Wireless EMG System which would aid in the study of the human neuromuscular system and body movement.
Delsys, Inc 3/11/2016

Contractor will Upgrade Video Production Lab
Human Circuit, Inc | 09-8-2015

Contractor will provide Agricultural Farming Equipment and Accessories 
Pequea Planter, LLC | 08-24-2015

Contract will provide Agricultural Farming Equipment-Evers Vario-Disc
Autrusa, Inc | 08-21-2015

Contract will provide a Flexar PDA Plus Detector will all its software components.
PerkinElmer LAS, Inc | 06/22/2015

Contractor will do provide the Smart Grid Solar and Wind Power Generation Trainer
Echoscan – 6-22-2015

Contractor will do Phase V – High Definition Upgrade of the studio, master control automation and post-production systems for UDC Cable TV
Human Circuit – 6-12-2015

Contractor will upgrade the customized video editing software and hardware to integrate the equipment into the existing LAN
Human Circuit 12/15/2014

Contractor will provide 500lbs Smokehouse for the University’s Muirkirk Farm
Temba Engineering Systems 09-10-2014 

Contractor will provide experimental lab equipment for educational and testing purposes
US Didactics, Inc. 07-28-2014

Contractor will provide Campus Wide Surveillance System Enhancement.
Advantech Inc. | 7-11-2014

Contractor will provide a walkway system that measures human foot and gait pressure while standing and walking.
Tekscan Inc. | 5-29-14

Contractor will provide a convection and radiation heat transfer unit.
Ronald A. Williams | 5-14-14

Contractor will provide SRV02-ET Rotary Servo Plant with real time hardware 
Quanser Consulting Inc | 4-3-14

Contractor will provide Pioneer 3-DX  Mobile Robot System
Adept Mobilerobots, LLC | 2-24-14