Intent to Award Sole Source Contracts

(Closed solicitations and contract awards can be found here.)

Contractor to provide a Coldtub for UDC Athletics.
Arctic Holdings, LLC dba COLDTUB 8-2-19

Sole Source Award to Capital Services Management Inc, to complete carpet installation
Capital Services Management 7-16-19

Provide UDC-CC Civil Engineering an embroidery Machine for their program.
Notcina Corporation dba ZSK Machine 7-8-19

Support of existing software and technology in building 41
Networking For Future, Inc. 6-27-19

Blackboard Student Services
Blackboard, Inc. 6-19-19

Laboratory Equipment for Nanotechnology Research
Structure Probe, Inc dba SPI Supplies/Dov. of Structure Pro 6-18-19

Design Build Services for UDC-TV’s Relocation
Human Circuit, Inc. 6-7-19

Temporary Contract Specialist Services
Brian K. Brooks 5-14-19

Food Pantry and Pop-up Market Production Services
Purple Mountain Organics 4-3-19

Laboratory and scientific equipment, i.e. low temperature transport system, cryocooler.
Advanced Research Systems, Inc.2-19-19

Aquaponics and Hydroponic Design, Supervisory and Instructional Services
New Enders Corporation 1-30-19

Contractor to provide elevator inspection services in accordance with DCRA code and requirements.
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services (DEIS) 11-13-18

Provide referees and officials for athletic games for Winter Season.
Ref Check, LLC 10-18-18

Greenhouse Upgrades, PR Harris & Backus Aquaponic and Hydroponic Systems
Capital City Organics, LLC 9-11-18 | Statement of Work

Aquaponics and Hydroponic Design, Supervisory and Instructional Services
New Enders Corporation 9-5-18

Provide Athletic Equipment and Accessories
Aluminum Athletic Equipment Co. 8-24-18

Laboratory and Science Equipment by Hygiena, LLC
Hygiena, LLC 7-26-18

Contractor to provide all equipment and resources necessary for the complete network infrastructure upgrade throughout all campuses.
Network For Future, Inc. 7-21-18

Laboratory Instrument
Hunter Associates Laboratory 7-11-18

Firebird Farm Electrical Upgrades
Planed Power Systems, Inc | 6-12-18Determination and Findings

Executive search services for the positions of Provost and Dean of the David A. Clarke School of Law.
ABG Search 6-1-18

Nutrient Management Consultation Services
Purple Mountain Organics | 5-30-18  | Determination and Findings

Minimum need to acquire Transact from Blackboard, Inc. for overall support and maintenance needed for technology implementation.
Blackboard Transact 5-1-18

Continuation of Services Institution-Wide Course and Event Calendaring and Analysis Software Solution
College NET Inc. 2-23-18

Implement and develop Phase II (Response & Recovery) of the University’s Occupant Emergency Plan 2-23-18
The Triage Group 2-22-18

Emergency Generator Services
Earth Worth, LLC 2-15-18

Linen Services
Virginia Linen Service of Maryland, Inc. 1-19-18

Implement and Develop a Linux Lab and Certificate Program at the Community College
Rory Butler 12-22-17

Case Support for POWER Program (SBPA)
Velda S. Cross 12-19-17

Elevator Inspection
Dominion Elevator Inspection Services (DEIS) 10-24-17

Bookstore Management
Follett Higher Education Group Inc. 9-11-17

Hydroponics System – Flowvex Aeration
Kakovitch Industries 8-17-17

Kitchen Upgrade for the Bertie Backus Campus
Curtis Equipment 8-15-17

License Agreement Between UDC-TV and Ambrose Video Publishing
Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. 8-3-17

Back to School Campaign – “Faces of UDC”
SRB Communications 7-11-17

Increase the efficient distribution of specialty crops in targeted DC communities
Dreaming Out Loud Inc. 5-24-17

Establishment of specialty crop productions in various DC neighborhoods
DC Urban Greens Inc. 5-24-17

Upgrade, replacement and integration of the Master Clock System for UDC Cable TV
Human Circuit, Inc. 4-6-17

Installation, labor, design, materials, and installation of Hoop Houses for the University
Black Dirt Farm 3-1-17

Continuation of Software Consulting and Maintenance Services
College Net 2-9-17

Pest Control Services
Ecolab 1-27-17

Elevator Inspection Services
ATAB Inc. 11-16-16

Automatic and Swing Doors Repair and Maintenance
DORMA USA, Inc. 11-16-16

Contractor shall provide a CX23 Microscope.
Olympus America, Inc. 8-3-16

Contractor shall provide physical apparatus, computer interfacing and software supplies.
Pasco, Inc. 8-3-16

Contractor will provide new and updated audio/visual components to new UDC Student Center
MCW Solutions, LLC 7-26-16

Contractor will provide installation of Hybrid NVR Surveillance Cameras in Buildings 41 & 52
Advantech, Inc. 7-13-16

Contractor will provide Technical Upgrade to HD (High Definition) Digital Production and Video and Audio Production and Distribution Systems and Equipment Purchase for Cable TV
Human Circuit 7-7-16

Contractor will provide NSC Wellness Center Surveillance System Enhancement 
Advantech, Inc. 6-28-16

Contractor will provide Campus-Wide Surveillance System Enhancement 2016
Advantech, Inc. 6-28-16

Contractor will provide Preventative Maintenance Services for the Student Center
Limbach Company 5-26-16

Contractor will provide Pest Control Services
Ecolab 3-23-16

Contractor will provide Parking Services software
Whitaker Parking Systems, Inc. 3-23-16

Contractor will provide auxiliary services consultation
PBP, LLC 3-23-16

Contractor will provide Space Planning Software – College NET Inc.
College Net Inc. 3-21-2016

Contractor shall provide a PhaseFMR spectrometer to record electromagnetic (EM) waves.
Quantum Design, Inc 3-11-2016

Contractor shall provide a Trigno Wireless EMG System which would aid in the study of the human neuromuscular system and body movement.
Delsys, Inc 3/11/2016

Contractor will Upgrade Video Production Lab
Human Circuit, Inc | 09-8-2015

Contractor will provide Agricultural Farming Equipment and Accessories 
Pequea Planter, LLC | 08-24-2015

Contract will provide Agricultural Farming Equipment-Evers Vario-Disc
Autrusa, Inc | 08-21-2015

Contract will provide a Flexar PDA Plus Detector will all its software components.
PerkinElmer LAS, Inc | 06/22/2015

Contractor will do provide the Smart Grid Solar and Wind Power Generation Trainer
Echoscan – 6-22-2015

Contractor will do Phase V – High Definition Upgrade of the studio, master control automation and post-production systems for UDC Cable TV
Human Circuit – 6-12-2015

Contractor will upgrade the customized video editing software and hardware to integrate the equipment into the existing LAN
Human Circuit 12/15/2014

Contractor will provide 500lbs Smokehouse for the University’s Muirkirk Farm
Temba Engineering Systems 09-10-2014 

Contractor will provide experimental lab equipment for educational and testing purposes
US Didactics, Inc. 07-28-2014

Contractor will provide Campus Wide Surveillance System Enhancement.
Advantech Inc. | 7-11-2014

Contractor will provide a walkway system that measures human foot and gait pressure while standing and walking.
Tekscan Inc. | 5-29-14

Contractor will provide a convection and radiation heat transfer unit.
Ronald A. Williams | 5-14-14

Contractor will provide SRV02-ET Rotary Servo Plant with real time hardware 
Quanser Consulting Inc | 4-3-14

Contractor will provide Pioneer 3-DX  Mobile Robot System
Adept Mobilerobots, LLC | 2-24-14