Recycle Box Request

The University of the District of Columbia recognizes the positive impact that it can make on the environment and human health through the procurement decisions it makes. The Office of Contracting and Procurement is therefore taking the opportunity to take advantage of the City-Wide Remanufactured Toner Cartridge contract.  This City-Wide contract was awarded to Laser Art, Inc., a certified small business enterprise (CSBE).

In an effort to support our Green Initiative Program we need your assistance and cooperation.  The University in conjunction with Laser Art Ink will be distributing recycled cartridge boxes throughout the University campus commencing June 3, 2013.  The boxes will be a depository for your empty printer and copier ink cartridges.   There will be one box ordered  per department.

General Contact Information

Phone: 202.274.5181
Fax: 202.274.5432
: Bldg 39, 2nd Floor