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Office of the VP for Real Estate & Facilities
Name Title Bldg/Room Phone Email
Erik L.Thompson Vice President Real Estate & Facilities Management 38/C01-A 202.274.5600 (W)
Capital Planning and Construction
Timothy Millner Director of Capital Construction 38/C01-F 202.274.5466 (W)
202.465.5326 (C)
Alex Garrett Capital Program Administrator 38/C01-D 202.274.5353 (W) 202.207.4172 (C)
Facilities Management Division
Darron McClain Director, Facilities Management 38/C21 202.274.6361 (W)
202.536.8939 (C)
Cassandra Parker Capital Program Officer 38/C01 202.274.5669 (W) 202.834.5890 (C)
Reginald Watkins Maintenance and Operations Supervisor 38/C22 202.274.6128 (W)
Shipping & Receiving
LeVita Bassett Manager, Facilites Operations 39/C04 -A 202.274.5555 (W) 202.438.0034 (C)
James Ewings Shipping and Receiving Manager 38/C09 202.274.6150 (W) 202.409.5385 (C)
Real Estate
Shauna Brew Real Estate Manager 38/C01 -B 202.274.5777 (W) 202.570.0034 (C)
Space Reservations & Special Events
Pat Chisley Coordinator of Space Reservations & Auditorium Manager 38/C04 202.274.5576 (W) 202.409.2572 (C)
Deniece Clifford Operations and Event Services Manager 38/C01 202.274.5264 (W)

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