Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for the maintenance and operations of all real property assets.  The primary goal of Facilities Management is to  provide customer-driven support, cost-effective planning, and sustainable approaches facility maintenance and operations. The department’s primary services include:

  •   General building maintenance and repair
  •   Central heating and cooling
  •   Plant operations
  •   HVAC services
  •   Electrical repairs
  •   Plumbing
  •   Carpentry
  •   Locksmith services
  •   Custodial services
  •   Landscaping
  •   Pest management
  •   Elevator repairs
  •   Facility support contracts

Work Requests Categories:

  • Routine service work is handled on a first come, first served basis, and will normally be completed within seven calendar days, pending availability of materials.
  • Urgent service work is usually completed within two calendar days.  Items include dripping faucets, extreme temperature complaints, powerless outlets, etc.
  • Emergency service work is classified as work that requires immediate attention. Such requests include eliminating hazards, preventing significant damage, or preventing the disruption of scheduled activities.