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Are you interested in career advancement? Do you want to change careers? Do you want to learn something new?

The University of the District of Columbia Community College, Office of Continuing Education will provide accessible, high quality, innovative and career specific education courses for adult learners. We use our wide network of experts and community partners to meet the personal and professional needs of public, private and government agencies throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Continuing Education at UDC-CC offers online training and in person programs in the demanding career areas and newly-emerging industries.  We also specialize in custom, corporate training tailored to workplace needs.

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Online Classes

UDC-CC provides access to more than one thousand online classes, giving you the flexibility to study on your own time. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Online Programs are available in the following areas:

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Learners can choose more comprehensive certificate-driven courses lasting from 6-12 months or shorter courses lasting from 6-8 weeks.

GES features long courses usually lasting from 6-12 months.

Continuing Education partners with the leading providers of distance learning classes to give you the high quality options at the best prices.

Who do you want to become? Make it happen with Continuing Education.

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Face-to-Face Classes

Leadership Skills in the Workplace

This course explores strategic thinking and planning as key leader skills, and culminates in the creation of an actual strategic plan. Students will also learn how organizations can cultivate leadership at multiple levels and become more effective in generating and executing strategy. Participants will gain a foundation in theories and models of leadership; assess their own leadership style; and learn to develop and answer research questions in leadership.

First Aid and CPR

This course provides training in CPR, AED and First Aid. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certification card which is valid for two years.

Project Management Principles and Practices

This course develops a foundation of concepts and solutions that supports the planning, scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance measurement activities required for successful completion of a project.

Divorce Recovery

This workshop will show how effectively to survive through separation and divorce with minimal stress and anxiety. Topics addressed will be how to overcome obstacles to heal and move on in life.

Creative Writing

This course provides a foundation for self-expression through the art of writing. Students will create, develop and share original works from various genres of literature.

Meeting and Event Planning

This course focuses on the basic skills and fundamentals of event and meeting planning. Participants will learn the practical concepts of event management, event marketing, production and theory.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is both an art and a science. It is also an increasingly viable way to supplement income, build professional credibility and explore a writing career. This course is designed to help journalists, bloggers and writers find story ideas, pitch those ideas and make money from publishing those ideas.

Workplace Communications in the 21st Century

This course focuses on the concepts of human communication and the styles of communications used in personal, social and professional environments. Students will learn the characteristics and process of interpersonal communication including perception, speech and language, non-verbal behaviors, listening and feedback, the ethics of interpersonal communication and relationship development and maintenance.

Team Building to Produce Highly Effective Teams in the Workplace

This course teaches the basic principles of building and sustaining teams in organizations. Topics include: team dynamics, process improvement, trust and collaboration, and the role of the individual in the team.

English as a Second Language (Low Beginning & Beginning)

ESL 100: 100 (Low Beginning): This course is for international students who have minimal English oral and literacy skills. The course is designed to improve students English speaking skills through listening, speaking, reading, writing, comprehension and digital literacy. Students preparing for entry into college, seeking a college degree, seeking employment or those in of need additional vocational training are encouraged to enroll.

Prerequisite (s): Pre-assessment and instructor/advisor placement

ESL 150: 150 (Beginning): This course is for international students who can satisfy limited English oral and literacy survival needs. This course is designed to enhance students listening, speaking, reading, writing, comprehension and digital literacy skills. Students who want to continue to develop their English speaking skills in school, at work or for vocational training are encouraged to enroll.

Prerequisite (s): ESL 100/Pre-assessment and instructor/advisor placement

American Sign Language—Beginning

American Sign Language—Beginning
This course is an introduction to American Sign Language, including finger spelling, sending and receiving signs, background information on deafness, and interaction with the deaf community.

CPR Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider

CPR Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider
This is a CPR course recommended for healthcare professionals.

English as a Second Language (Intermediate)

ESL 200: 200 (Intermediate): This course is for international students who have beginning English oral and literacy skills.  The course is designed to improve students English speaking skills though listening, speaking reading, writing, comprehension and digital literacy.  Students preparing for entry into college, seeking a college degree, seeking employment or those in need of additional vocational training are encouraged to enroll.
Prerequisite (s): ESL 150/Pre-assessment and instructor/advisor placement

Asset Management Lab

Asset Management Lab
This course introduces real-world Asset Management Fundamentals by using real DC Government issues to guide students on how to use ISO 55000 and publicly available federal asset management tools and processes to improve organizational mission success. The course is a combination of webinars and onsite training utilizing an American approach to ISO 55000 combined with Onuma, Inc. resources and websites and the BIMStorm approach to asset visualization.

Praxis: Math Preparation

Praxis: Math Preparation
This course is designed to prepare educators for the Praxis Core Math exam (5732).  Students are re-introduced to numbers, functions, algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, tables  and graphs.  Labs, online resources, worksheets, quizzes and practice tests will be utilized to reinforce math skills.

Click to find out about the Au Pair ProgramLearn more about Au Pair Weekend Classes. | Click here to register.





This unique and exciting program will help au pairs to gain the most from their American experience. The program can also satisfy the U.S. Department of State au pair educational requirement. It is very affordable and may be customized to fit individual needs. Most au pairs can earn all the hours they need by completing two of our 3-day weekend courses, plus pre-assignments and follow-up work.

Students will also learn a great deal about the Washington, DC area and gain important background knowledge to help you better understand and appreciate the American way of life. Topics include:

  • Culture shock
  • Diversity
  • Conflict resolution
  • U.S. history and politics
  • U.S. customs and traditions
  • Washington, DC history
  • And much more!

Please Note: 

To register for the Continuing Education online classes, click on the link of the course. Do not use the UDC “apply” button.

Please Note: 

COVID-19 continues to be an immediate global threat, with infections rising across the United States and in many parts of the world. In the interest of the safety and health of the UDC community, we will maintain emergency remote operation for the Spring 2021 semester and follow the same protocol as Fall 2020. All face-to-face Continuing Education courses have been temporarily suspended.