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Center for Academic and Career Excellence

Welcome to the Center for Academic and Career Excellence (CACE)! CACE is committed to helping students succeed. We offer academic support at no cost. CACE provides both group and one-on-one sessions for a variety of courses. We provide both in-person and virtual sessions, supporting both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. CACE covers broad subjects, such as computer science, criminal justice, mathematics, science, and writing, among others.

For writing courses, CACE instructors can assist you with brainstorming ideas, revising thesis statements and topic sentences, organizing a paper, learning grammar and punctuation rules, learning to cite sources and formatting papers correctly, and interpreting professors’ comments on graded papers.

For math and science courses, CACE can assist in understanding concepts, working through homework, and preparing for exams.

Again, we encourage you to utilize our free services. You can also connect with us by contacting Quentin Pair at or 202.274.7012.

We look forward to working with you!

Study at Home Resources

An Academic Resource Database

Grammarly – Are you writing a paper and need assistance? Try Grammarly for feedback. To set up your Grammarly account at UDC follow these directions:

  1. First, visit Grammarly’s website:
  2. Next, in the upper right-hand corner select, Join Your Organization
  3. On the Welcome to Grammarly page, Sign Up using your UDC email address.

Accounting Coach

Math is Fun College Algebra
Khan Academy Algebra I
Khan Academy Algebra II
Khan Academy Linear Algebra
Math Planet Algebra I
Math Planet Algebra II

Khan Academy Biology
Khan Academy Biology Library
The Biology Project

Khan Academy Precalculus
Math is Fun Calculus
Khan Academy Calculus I
Khan Academy Calculus II
Virtual Calculus I Tutor
Virtual Calculus II Tutor


Chemistry Library
General Chemistry Concepts
Organic Chemistry
Periodic Table

Computer Science
Code Academy
Geeks for Geeks
Khan Academy

English as a Second Language
ESL Fast
ESL Instructors and Students
ESL for Teachers & Students


Foreign Language
Open Culture
Word Reference

Français interactif
Learning & Teaching French

American Government
Digital History
US History

Differential Equations
Factoring Polynomials
Free Math Help
Linear Algebra
Purple Math
Robot Room
SOS Mathematics


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Many Worlds of Logic

Khan Academy Physics I
Khan Academy Physics II
Khan Academy Physics Library
The Physics Classroom

Simply Psychology
Simply Sociology

Reference Guides
APA Purdue Owl
Cambridge Dictionary
Free Thesaurus
Macmillan Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
MLA Purdue Owl
Oxford English Dictionary

Anatomy and Physiology
Bozeman Science
Cells Alive!
Environmental Science
Learn Genetics
Nursing Test Bank & Practice Questions
Periodic Table
Respiratory Therapy Test Bank

Learning & Teaching Spanish
Study Spanish
The Complete Beginners Guide to Learning Spanish

Study Guides & Methods
10 Effective Study Techniques
Common Note-taking Methods
Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
The Study Cycle
Success in College Science

Student Resources
GPA Calculator
Decode Your Syllabus
Faculty Expectations
How to Email a Professor
How to Read a Syllabus
Using Office Hours Effectively

Time Management
How to Stop Procrastinating
Proven Time Management Techniques
The Most Productive Way to Schedule Your Day
Tips to Avoid Procrastination
Time Management Tips for Busy College Students

Grammar Check
English Grammar
Excelsior Online Writing Lab
Purdue Owl
Writer’s Web

Can’t find what you need with CACE? Try Upswing!

Upswing is a FREE, fully virtual tutoring service that offers additional tutoring options if CACE does not support the class you need help in or your availability clashes with what our instructors have available.

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