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The UDC Community College CARE Program is a special undergraduate program that allows pre-college DC students to experience success in college by earning college credits, at no cost. CARE Program students prepare for college by experiencing it firsthand, and receive an array of support services to make a smooth transition to college.


  • Earn credits toward college graduation
  • Collaborate with college peers
  • Communicate effectively with college faculty
  • Plan for college and career
  • Access UDC student resources and CARE Program transition resources and services


  • Must be enrolled in a DC public or DC public charter school that partners with the UDC-CC CARE Program*
  • Must be enrolled in high school (9th-12th grade) or a GED program
  • Must take the ACCUPLACER college placement exam by the application deadline*

*The UDC-CC CARE Program partners with many DC public and DC public charter schools. A list of school partners is below.


  • To take a course in summer, the application deadline is April 15th. This application period opens on March 15th.
  • To take a course in fall, the application deadline is June 15th. This application period opens on May 15th.
  • To take a course in spring, the application deadline is October 15th. This application period opens on September 15th.

HOW TO APPLY                                                                  

Complete all three steps (requirements) below by the deadline to participate in dual enrollment.

STEP 1:  Complete the online application at

  • Students must submit an online application for the UDC-CC CARE Dual Enrollment Program by the deadline to be considered. The online application link is available through our office and our school partners. Students should contact their DCPS/DCPCS school counselor or the UDC-CC CARE Program office for application instructions, questions, deadlines, and fee waivers. Students must apply for the CARE Program each semester that they want to participate in dual enrollment.

Note: We are unable to accept late applications.

STEP 2:  Submit your transcript to

Transcript must be:

  • Received by the deadline
  • The most recent DCPS or DCPCS transcript with student’s mailing address listed on it OR an OSSE verification letter for homeschooled students
  • Submitted by the student applying for the program OR by the student’s school counselor OR by the student’s parent or guardian

STEP 3:  Take the ACCUPLACER exam.  Sign up at to take it at UDC-CC.

Students must take the ACCUPLACER college placement exam by the application deadline for the applicant to be considered. The ACCUPLACER exam helps determine a student’s specific course options (i.e. whether or not he/she can take a college-level Math, Science, English, or other courses). Students do not need to submit their ACCUPLACER exam scores to the CARE Program office as a part of their application. If a student has previously taken the ACCUPLACER exam, they are not required to take it again. However, retaking the exam may improve the score and give a student more course options.


  • At UDC-CC:  Exams are offered several times a year at the UDC-CC (801 North Capitol St NE) campus for CARE Program applicants, approximately one month before each application deadline. To take the ACCUPLACER exam at UDC-CC, sign up at
  • At a Partner School:  A student’s DCPS or DCPCS school may also offer ACCUPLACER exam sessions for CARE Program applicants. Contact the school’s counselor or college and career center for more details.

Note: We highly recommend that students prepare for the ACCUPLACER exam before taking it by reviewing sample questions and other resources at:


CARE Program students take credit-bearing, college-level courses at the UDC Community College campus. The majority of students take their dual enrollment courses at the UDC-CC 801 North Capitol St NE campus site, and occasionally, students take courses at the UDC-CC Backus campus site (nearest the Fort Totten Metro station). Dual Enrollment courses count for college credit.

Students that apply to the CARE Program will have the opportunity to meet with a CARE Program college advisor after a student is accepted to the program. During this advising meeting, a student, the parent/guardian (if desired), and the CARE Program advisor will discuss all college course options, including what course sections are available on what days and times. Course availability and times and days vary by semester. Through the CARE Program, students can dual enroll in the following courses and elective areas:

First Year Seminar
English Composition I and II
Intermediate Algebra
General College Math I and II
Biological Science I and II
Anatomy and Physiology I and II
Public Speaking
Introduction to Logic
Computer Science/IT
Social Sciences
Beginning Spanish
Beginning French
And more!

Dual Credit: Many DCPS or DCPCS partner schools offer dual credit (i.e. high school credit for taking and earning credit in a UDC-CC course in the CARE Program). Please contact the schools or the CARE Program office for a list of dual credit course options in the CARE Program.


  • Enrolling at UDC or UDC-CC after graduation? UDC-CC courses taken in the CARE Program will count as regular UDC-CC courses toward UDC-CC majors (either as required or elective courses).
  • Enrolling anywhere else after graduation? It is the responsibility of the student to 1) order an official UDC transcript after the course has finished, and 2) submit the UDC transcript to the college or university’s Admissions or advisor who will determine how UDC credits transfer into that institution (i.e. as required or core courses or as elective courses or not accepted).


*The following schools partner with the UDC-CC CARE Program for dual enrollment:

District of Columbia Public Schools (includes all DCPS high schools, alternative schools, and STAY programs)
Academy of Hope PCS
Capital City PCS Upper School
Cesar Chavez PCS (Capitol Hill and Parkside)
Friendship PCS (Collegiate Academy and Tech Prep)
LAYC Career Academy PCS
LAYC The Next Step PCS
LAYC YouthBuild PCS
Maya Angelou PCS
National Collegiate Prep PCS
Paul PCS
Somerset Prep Academy PCS
Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS
Washington Latin PCS
Washington Math and Science Tech PCS


To learn more about the CARE Program, email:

 CARE Program Staff:

Robyn Ellis, Director of College Readiness and Community Outreach or 202.274.5123