Academic Affairs Staff Listing

Name Title Building/Room No.
William Hacker Director of Academic Support Services Bldg. 53, Room 321
Deborah Gibbs Secretary Bldg. 53, Room 321
Selma Cunningham-Hackett Administrative Specialist Bldg. 53, Room 321
Peter Plourde Faculty Development Specialist Bldg. 53, Room
Karima Gahagan Assessment Director Bldg. 53, Room 309
Robyn Ellis Director, College Readiness & Community Outreach Bldg. 53, Room 304
Dominique Footes Program Coordinator, College Readiness, Partnership and Volunteer Bldg. 53, Room 304
Jessie Price Project Manager Bldg. 53, Room 811
LaVerne Gooding-Jones Secretary Bldg. 53, Room 811
Michelle Chandler Staff Assistant, Mortuary Science Department Bldg. 44, Room 200-28