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General Education at UDC-CC

The mission of the UDC Community College is to: 1) provide high quality, market driven programs in a learning environment that is diverse and technologically savvy; and 2) provide opportunities for students to obtain the requisite skills of today’s workforce and prepare them for the demands of tomorrow. The vision of the college is to provide opportunities for District residents to access high-quality, affordable, learner-focused programs. These programs are designed to advance students’ economic, social and educational goals, as well as those of the community. Students leave the Community College with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to succeed in work and in life. Ultimately, these students become lifelong learners.

The general education program at UDC-CC is designed to advance the mission and vision of the college by helping students to achieve eight (8) outcomes. The table below summarizes these outcomes and the courses in which students are provided opportunities to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities that are inherent in these outcomes.


Student Learning Outcomes Degree and Certificate Programs Outcomes Related General Education Courses/Activities
Critical thinking/Analysis/Problem Solving, Creativity/Innovation To conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information from a variety of sources. Activities in courses that require students to use related skills
Collaboration/Teamwork/ Leadership To work jointly with others to achieve objectives. Activities in courses that require students to use related skills
Demeanor/Dispositions/ –
Professionalism/Ethical and Social Responsibility/Lifelong learning and Self Direction/Work Ethic
To behave in a respectful and professional manner; maintain positive attitudes towards learning; and uphold professional ethics. PHIL 105C – Introduction to Logic
PHIL 108C – Introduction to Social Ethics
SOCY 111C – Intro to Sociology
Competence in the use of computer and other technologies as a tool for learning To leverage technology to support personal and professional objectives. APTC 104C & 105C – Introduction to the Application of Computers – Lecture and Lab
Oral Communication To deliver presentations that are designed to increase knowledge and to promote growth in the listeners’ attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors. SPCH 115C – Public Speaking
Written Communication To develop and express ideas through collection and interpretation of data, creation of images, and use of multiple styles of writing. College Level English Courses:
ENGL 111C – English Composition I
ENGL 112C – English Composition II
Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning/Creativity/Innovation To utilize qualitative and quantitative evidence to solve problems within a real-world context. College Level Math Courses:
MATH 101C – General College Math I
MATH 102C – General College Math II Science Courses: ENSC 107C & 109C – Integrated Science Lecture and Lab ORBIOL 101C & BIOL 103C – Biological Science I Lecture and Lab
BIOL 102C & BIOL 104C – Biological Science II Lecture and Lab
Equity/Diversity/Inclusion leading to Global Learning and Citizenship To live as a global citizen by embracing diversity in every area of personal and professional life. GEOG 105C – World Cultural Geography HIST 101C – US History to 1865
HIST 102C – US History from 1865 OR HIST 164C – Intro History of Black America SOCY 111C – Intro to Sociology SPAN 101C &102C – Beginning Spanish I and II FREN 101C & 102C – Beginning French I and II

The table below shows the correlation between the Gen Ed at the CC and the University’s IGED program.

Community College General Education Course Equivalent to new UDC General Education Requirements
ENGL 111C     English Composition I IGED 110     Foundation Writing I
ENGL 112C     English Composition II IGED 111     Foundation Writing II
ENGL 115C     Public Speaking IGED 130     Foundation Oral Communication
MATH 101C    General College Math I IGED 120     Foundation Quantitative
MATH 102C    General College Math II IGED 220     Discovery Quantitative
PHIL 108C       Introduction to Social Ethics IGED 140     Foundation in Ethics
Natural Science Lecture/Lab (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences) IGED 260     Discovery Science + Lab