At UDC, all employees, except adjunct faculty, must report their own time within PeopleSoft. Become familiar with your time reporting category. The categories are as follows:

Positive Time Reporting

Hourly employees are positive time reporters.  In order to receive the proper pay, positive time reporters record the number of hours worked each day on their time sheet.  At UDC the two pay groups that are positive time reporters are G1N and G6N.

Exception Time Reporting

Faculty and Staff employees who are paid a salary are exception time reporters.  Exception time reporters are paid a set amount each pay day because the payroll system automatically applies their same schedule of hours worked each pay period.  When a salaried employee is absent from work, the absence is an exception to the regular schedule and must be reported on a timesheet and submitted to her/his supervisor for approval.  Exception time reporters only submit a timesheet when there is an exception to report.  The two pay groups that are exception time reporters are G6E and G9E.


The following link,, provides full access to Manager Self-Service and/or Employee Self-Service. This link is only available on a UDC network or through a VPN connection.

The following link, provides full access to Employee Self-Service while on a UDC network or through a VPN connection, but only limited access outside of a UDC network.


eTime training tutorials can be accessed at this link:

These tutorials demonstrate positive time reporting and approving only. Exception time is entered using the same process; however, exception time reporters will only enter hours on a timesheet when there is an exception to report (e.g. absences such as leave, holidays or administrative closings).  If there is no exception to report, there is no need to access the timesheet.

Job Aids

Job aids for time entry and approvals can be found at the following links:

Time and Approvals Deadlines

Deadlines for time entry and approvals can be found at the following links:

  • Groups 6N, 6E & 9E
  • Group 1N



If you have questions about eTime, please contact Pay Services at 202.274.5255


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