Separating Employees

Employees at The University of the District of Columbia leave for new jobs, educational opportunities, relocations or any number of reasons. The information below is provided to assist employees in meeting obligations related to their departure from the University.

A separation occurs when a University employee resigns from employment, is involuntarily separated, retires or dies. This information details the provisions and procedures for the following types of separation:

Resignation (Voluntary Separation)

Employees may end their employment with UDC by submitting a resignation in writing to their supervisor or other appropriate member of management. Employees are required to provide written notice of resignation at least two (2) weeks or ten (10) workdays prior to the last intended workday (one month for management-level employees). In the absence of exceptional circumstances, failure to provide sufficient notice may result in being ineligible for rehire.

Termination (Involuntary Separation)

UDC is committed to meeting its responsibilities and complying with internal guidelines with regard to termination decisions. These responsibilities must be met regardless of the source of funds from which individual salaries are paid. Nothing contained in this policy is intended to create legally enforceable contractual rights. The employment of a staff or faculty member may not be terminated involuntarily for any reason without prior review by the Office of Talent Management (OTM).


Employees participating in a District of Columbia retirement program apply for retirement through the Benefits Unit in the Office of Talent Management (OTM). The Benefits Unit recommends that employees notify management of their intent to retire at least 30 days prior to their planned retirement date to ensure timely processing and continuity of service.


The Office of Talent Management Benefits Unit can provide assistance in securing University benefits, entitlements and final compensation when an employee dies. Once notified of the death of an employee, either by the department or family member, payout (including eligible leave) is made to the deceased employee’s beneficiary or estate.

Separation Process

Separation Process

Here are several tips to help your separation transition smoothly:

  1. Talk to your supervisor regarding your separation.
    Select an effective date for your separation.
  2. Submit resignation to your supervisor.
    The resignation must be submitted in writing to the employee's supervisor for approval. Once the supervisor acknowledges the resignation, the supervisor must notify the Office of Talent Management (OTM) within one (1) workday to initiate separation process and begin offboarding procedures.
  3. Contact an OTM Benefits Unit specialist to schedule your clearance appointment.
    An OTM benefits specialist will discuss options available to you for continuation of benefits, retirement account, continuation of supplemental insurance policies, unemployment, et cetera.
  4. Settle any outstanding debts to the University.
    It is your responsibility to clear any outstanding debts prior to separation. However, certain departments on campus may forward communication that you will be leaving employment to ensure that you have no outstanding debts to the University. The following is a list of items/areas that you may have to address:

    • Library: If you currently hold materials, you should return them to the library. You will also need to pay any outstanding fines.
    • Parking: Contact Parking Operations to discuss returning parking hangtags, deactivation of parking badge access, and/or to apply for parking rebates. You will also need to pay any outstanding parking fines.
    • Keys: Keys must be returned to the employee’s immediate supervisor or department/unit head.
    • Procurement Cards: P-Cards must be surrendered either to the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement or it may be brought with the employee to the OTM exit appointment.
    • Outstanding Travel: All travel forms and/or payment reimbursing the University for travel must be submitted prior to your separation.
    • Electronics: If you are in possession of a University-issued electronic device (laptop, tablet, cellular phone, et cetera), these items must be surrendered prior to the employee’s separation. Depending upon the policies of individual areas, these items may be given to the employee’s department supervisor or the Office of Information Services and Management.
  5. Update your address to ensure your W-2 is mailed to the correct address at the end of the year.
    You can update your address through DC Government PeopleSoft for your W-2.
Exit Interviews

The University of the District of Columbia appreciates your comments about the University as a workplace. Exit interview s may be scheduled with the Office of Talent Management (OTM) at 202.274.5380. Representatives from the Employment/Recruitment Unit are available to have a more detailed conversation about an employee's experience working for UDC.


Health Benefits

Please see UDC Benefits.

Retirement Benefits
Unemployment Insurance
Separation Cash Out

Upon resignation or termination, an employee will receive cash value for 100 percent of the remaining accrued annual leave not to exceed 240 hours.

No cash compensation is available for accumulated employee sick leave. However, pursuant to E-DPM Section 1231.14, an employee who separated from District government service other than by retirement, shall have his or her sick leave account recredited, either on an hour-for-hour basis, or on an adjusted basis as provided in sections 12.31.6 or 1231.7 of this section, as appropriate, if reemployed without a break in service of three (3) years or more.

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