Blank Person Ramirez, Noelia
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources
Essential Duties:
Supports VP
Manages VPs calendar
Manages units finances
Units Contract Administrator & procurer
Events Coordinator
Operations lead
Customer Service
Blank Person Dr. Simpson, M. Aloysius
Director of Culture and Organizational Development
Essential Duties:
The Director of Culture and Organizational Development is responsible for creating and driving university-wide improvement initiatives and increasing workforce engagement.  As the Director, I direct the design, planning, and implementation of organizational development programs, policies, and procedures.  I also approve change-management initiatives and suggest innovative enhancements to existing programs. While serving in this role, I support all levels of the university with aligning organizational culture, strategy and performance.  The areas in which I am directly responsible include employee engagement, professional development and training, employee/organizational productivity, and performance management, which help manage culture and ensure positive university organizational growth.  As The Director of Culture and Organizational Development, I also assist with managing the organizational change strategy through programs such as Gallup Strengths and other DCHR partnerships.
Blank Person Pittman, Wanda
Manager, Payroll
Essential Duties:
The Office of Pay Services includes assurances that both the University PeopleSoft Groups’ payrolls data are prepped in a timely manner prior to the district’s scheduled processing of our employees’ on-cycle compensations.  An additional significant responsibility in which I am tasked is addressing eligible University active and inactive employees (as well as his/her current managers/Approvers), with inquiries relative to the PeopleSoft system Time and Labor (T&L) Reporting, approvals modules and navigations.  Also, the Office of Pay Services assists active employees with understanding the data on his/her earnings statements as well as on his/her W-2 tax Forms.  Additionally, one of my major tasks is addressing employees and/or Approvers/managers with his/her eligible leave types of accruals hours and/or balances.  Furthermore, one of my pertinent job duties entail ensuring employees’ Verification of Employment (VOE) forms are maintained confidential, accurately completed, and submitted to his/her lender in a timely manner.
Blank Person Bruce, Katharine (Trina)
Manager of Employee and Labor Relations
Essential Duties:
Seeks to resolve employee relations issues, concerns, and disputes consistent with the University’s policies and goals, labor agreements, and relevant laws and regulations. Investigates and resolves issues at the lowest level that may adversely affect the University’s culture, morale, productivity, and legal risk efficiently and effectively. Provides support and assistance to university administrators, managers, and supervisors in the areas of contract administration/interpretation, grievances, discipline, and performance management. Manages all aspects of the grievance processes for union and non-union employees, including preparing for hearings and meetings regarding employee/labor relations issues. Investigates performance, behavior, and other adverse employee actions, and then drafts the appropriate resolution document.
Blank Person Jackson, Dominique
Manager, Talent Acquisition
Essential Duties:
Manager of Talent Acquisition at the University of the District of Columbia. Responsible for supervising the Recruitment Team, inspiring, developing and coaching them and staff; to reach their maximum potential in their current positions. The manager is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing new productive talent acquisition strategies within the Office of Human Resources; to enhance workplace environment productivity. Manager of Talent Acquisitions coordinates and administers a comprehensive recruitment plan with each department organizational-wide; across all UDC and Community College campuses.  To ensure the selection and placement of all faculty and staff, they are in a career position to celebrate their individual skill sets. The manager of Talent Acquisition also investigates all recruitment issues and our concerns, making recommendations to Senior Management in reference to the development and implementation of appropriate action plans.
Blank Person Crawford, Terrell
HR Specialist, Recruitment
Essential Duties:
Recruitment provides the overall university with qualified candidates for open positions. To build a talent culture that defines the organization’s philosophy, principles and integrated approach to talent, which leverages diversity. Which includes the following:Gather and process new hire paperwork.
Distribute manuals, passwords, and guidelines, as needed.
Act as a consultant to new employees,
Introducing new hires to current employees
Craft and send emails with information about the company and position, including work schedules, dress code and parking options.
Prepare onboarding kits.
Organize orientation programs (30,60,90-day post onboarding)
Blank Person Merrick, Sydney
Human Resource Specialist- Benefits
Essential Duties:
The Benefits Team provides guidance and consultation regarding retirement counseling, health, dental, vision, life, and other insurance programs., benefits counseling, new hire benefits enrollment via PeopleSoft, managing disability and leave programs, remitted tuition, and report processor.
Blank Person Martin-Peeler, Tavian
HR Specialist, Benefits
Essential Duties:
Benefits provides guidance and consultation regarding retirement counseling, health, dental, vision, life, and other insurance programs., benefits counseling, new hire benefits enrollment via PeopleSoft, manage disability and leave programs, remitted tuition, report processor.
Blank Person Spuril, Keona
Payroll Specialist
Essential Duties:
Payroll processing and leave balance reconciliations. Payroll discrepancies, retro payments, VOE’s (verification of employment).
Blank Person Bowman-Clayton, Jeannetta
HRIS Specialist
Essential Duties:
New and current personnel actions: i.e.: extensions, reassignments, salary adjustments, promotions, sabbatical leave, and various types of terminations (involuntary, voluntary, and retirement). Special Projects, reports, and data analytics. Process adjuncts, faculty, and staff appointments. Payroll processor for adjunct staff. Access security for HR programs such as PeopleSoft
Blank Person Bowden, Angelita
HRIS Specialist
Essential Duties:
Employee processing, student employee processing, PeopleSoft, Adjunct processing, OPF management
Blank Person King, Keven
HRIS Assistant
Essential Duties:
As the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Assistant here with The University of The District of Columbia. Primarily a key processor and validator of confidentiality within human resources.

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