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Fall 2022 Opening & Enrollment Incentives

Now that you are vaccinated (or soon will be), UDC is looking forward to seeing you back on the campus this Fall 2022. We have prepared the facilities and will be following all local and federal health guidance. 

The DC-UP learning community at UDC — an intentional, leadership community formed around academic programs, service learning, and career services — is extending the following incentives for Fall 2022 applicants: 

  • Full Scholarship & Partial Housing Scholarship ($3,000 per semester excluding summer) for DCPS/Charter graduates Valedictorians & Salutatorians 
  • Application Fee Waived
  • Tuition-Free for DCPS/Charter graduates with 3.7 GPA or above & Partial Housing Scholarship ($3,000 per semester excluding summer) 
  • Partial Scholarships for students who have 3.0-3.6 GPA 
  • $1,000 Need-Based Scholarship for the Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 semesters
  • Free books(Fall 2022 & Spring 2023) semesters
  • Free Microsoft Surface Go Laptop*

*Applies to new DC-UP recipients only.

Submit Application & Supporting Documents by May 15, 2022


Step 1:  Apply >> DC RISE SPECIAL APPLICATION – create your Login ID and PIN number please select RISE Special Event Application

Step 2: Have Your High School Email Your Transcript to udctranscores@udc.edu

Step 3*: Upload Proof of Immunizations (Including COVID Vaccination or Medical/Religious Exemption), https://www.udc.edu/health-services/immunizations/

*This step will need to be completed immediately upon admission. If you plan to take all of your fall classes remotely, the COVID vaccine requirement will be waived for the fall term.




What fees does DC UP cover? Eligible fees have been highlighted in yellow below.
Follett All Access Bookstore Charges $34.00 per credit will be charged to all Student Accounts
*Activity Fee $35 Course Audit(Same cost as Tuition) (Varies)
*Athletic/Recreation Fee $105 Duplicate I.D. Card Fee $15
*Health Services Fee $25 Enrollment/Orientation Fee $100
*Technology Fee $75 Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam $50
*Student Center Fee $140 Graduation/Commencement Fee $125
*Career and Professional Fee $40 Laboratory Fee $50
*Sustainability Fee $10 Late Registration Fee $150
Application Fee Undergraduate-New, Transfer, and Readmitted $50 Return Check Fee $50
Application Fee Graduate-New, Transfer, and Readmitted $50 ***Student Health Insurance Fee (Varies)
Application Fee (F1 Visas) $50
**Credit by Exam (Per Credit Hour) $50
Will my Scholarship Cover the fee associated with the Follett All Access Book Program?

Scholarship does not cover optional fees.  Students who do not opt out will be responsible for this charge. Students who wish to opt out may do so by visiting, https://accessportal.follett.com/0742.  Students must opt out by the published deadline,  https://www.udc.edu/admissions/financial-aid/.

Will my Scholarship Cover Health Insurance?

Scholarship does not cover optional fees.  Students who do not opt out will be responsible for this charge. Students who have their own coverage may request a waiver by the published deadline by visiting, www.firststudent.com.

DCUP Scholarship Awarded During the Summer Semester?

No, scholarship funds are awarded during the fall/spring semester only. Eligible students are encouraged to explore Federal Student Aid options to fund summer classes. To learn more, please call (202) 274-5157 or email finaid@udc.edu.

When will my scholarship disburse?

All aid including scholarships began to disburse the business days after attendance is verified.  You may find the date for each semester by visiting, https://www.udc.edu/admissions/financial-aid/.

I am a presidential level scholarship recipient and my lab fees were not covered by my scholarship. What should I do?

Unfortunately, at the time of scholarship awarding occurs it is not always known what classes have associated lab fees.  This may be quickly remedied by emailing the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@udc.edu.

Will my housing allowance cover my housing bill in full?

Housing allowances are currently $6,000 for the academic year ($3,000-Fall & $3,000 Spring) and do not cover housing in full. Students are encouraged to explore Federal (www.fafsa.gov) or external scholarship opportunities (www.wirescholar.com ; www.fastweb.com and                                                                                                                                                       https://www.tmcf.org/students-alumni/scholarships/closed-scholarships/

), or the payment plan https://mycollegepaymentplan.com/udc/ to offset the difference.

I did not utilize my housing allowance during my initial semester of entry. Can I use it in a later semester?

Housing allowances not utilized during the first semester of attendance will be fortified.  The only exception may be in cases in which the student applied for housing by the published deadline, www.udc.edu/housing/ and housing was at capacity which resulted in the student being placed on the waitlist.  The Director of Housing will need to provide written confirmation to the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@udc.edu. Note: due to limited funding, reinstatement of allowance is not guaranteed.

My UDC GPA is Higher Than High School GPA. Will my scholarship be adjusted?

No, scholarship amounts are determined based on the student’s high school transcript.  However, students are encouraged to explore both internal and external scholarship opportunities. Below are viable and limited recommendations.  Students are encouraged to explore outside of the listings below as well.

University Foundation:  https://www.udc.edu/enrollment-management/scholarships/

External Scholarships:  www.wirescholar.com ; www.fastweb.com and                                                                           https://www.tmcf.org/students-alumni/scholarships/closed-scholarships/

What do I have to Maintain my Scholarship Eligibility?

Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and enroll full time (12 or more credits) during the fall and spring semesters.  Students who fail to achieve a cumulative 3.0 GPA by the end of their fourth semester and through graduation will lose eligibility.

Where can I find more information about the DC-UP Learning Community?

You may find more information about the learning community by visiting, https://www.udc.edu/dc-up-scholarship-learning-community/.