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(Continuing Students)

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Fall 2021 Opening & Enrollment Incentives

Now that you are vaccinated (or soon will be), UDC is looking forward to seeing you back on the campus this Fall 2021. We have prepared the facilities and will be following all local and federal health guidance. 

Current students enrolled in a Bachelor or an Associate degree programs, UDC is offering last semester free tuition and standard fees (last dollar*) for students scheduled to graduate Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semester.

All Continuing Students

  • Free Books for Fall 2021 Semester (Follett All Access Program)
  • Need Based Scholarship* Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 Semesters

 * After Federal student aid, institutional scholarships and external resources are confirmed. 


How do I apply for last dollar, need based scholarship?

The Office of Financial Aid will receive a listing of all students who have applied for graduation. The office will touch bases with all students who have applied and outline any next steps late September for fall graduates and February 2022 for Spring graduates.

When is the deadline to apply for fall 2021 graduates?

You may apply by completing the Application for Graduation  https://docs.udc.edu/registrar/Grad_App.pdf. The deadline to apply for fall graduation is Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

When is the deadline to apply for spring 2022 graduates?

You may apply by completing the Application for Graduation  https://docs.udc.edu/registrar/Grad_App.pdf. The deadline to apply for spring 2022 graduation TBD. As of August 9,2021, the spring 2022 academic calendar has not been posted. Please periodically monitor the academic calendar https://www.udc.edu/registrar/academic-calendars/  to confirm the deadline.

How will my scholarship amount be determined?

Scholarship awards will be determined after all applicable Federal Student Aid (Pell, SEOG and loans) are applied to your student account. If you are ineligible for Federal Student Aid, an application link will be made available on this page Friday, September 17, 2021-Friday, September 24, 2021.  Note: Supporting documentation may be required in order to determine your financial need.

I received a last dollar need based scholarship and subsequently learned I am required to take additional classes for the spring 2022 or summer 2022 semester. Will I receive additional funding?

The funding is one time assistance, you will be responsible for satisfying your balance for any future terms.

FAQ’s – Book (Follett All Access)

I registered for classes before the free books incentive was announced. Will the Follett All Access charge be removed from account?

Yes, the Office of Student Accounts will be removing the Follett charge from your myUDC account.

I opted out of the Follett All Access Program before this incentive was announced. Do I need to opt back in?

No, the bookstore will opt you back into the program.

My materials were tagged as rentals. Do I need to return them?

Yes, students must return rented materials at the end of the semester.  The due date will be on the sticker on the rental book.  If you do not return, you will be responsible for the nonreturn charge.  You may convert the rental to a purchase but will need to come into the store to do so.   Also, students who have rented materials will receive an email notification as it gets closer to the rental due date which will also include book(s) titles that were rented.

Some of my books are hard copy version. When can I pick them up?

Book pick will occur in the Window’s Lounge (Van Ness Campus/Bldg. 38/ 2nd FL) may be picked up beginning Monday, August 16, 2021 through Friday, September 10, 2021 (Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday’s 9am-3pm).  Note:  The University closed on Monday. September 6th in observance of the Labor Day Holiday.

I am unable to come in person. May my books be shipped to my home?

Yes, please follow the steps below.

Step1:   Log into udcshop.com

Step2:  Click “shop”

Step3:  Click “gifts  and collectibles”

Step4:  Click “school and accessories”

Step5: Double click “Follett Access course materials shipping fee ($1) and add this to your cart.

*Shipping cost will accessed at check out-based on what is being shipped.


Can I still use my financial aid to purchase other materials/supplies that are not included in the Follett All Access Program?

Yes, this procedure will remain the same. Students may make purchases beginning Friday, August 20, 2021-Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Will our books be covered for the spring 2022 semester as well?

At this time, books will not be covered for the spring 2022 semester.  If this changes, we will send a notification to all students.