Immunization Requirement

Proof of the following immunization is required:

  1. 2 doses of (MMR) Measles, Mumps and Rubella or proof of a positive blood titer from a healthcare provider
  2. 3 doses of Hepatitis B or proof of a positive blood titer from a healthcare provider
  3. 1 dose of Tetanus which has been administered within the past 10 years
  4. 2 doses of Varicella or a Document stating the student had chickenpox disease or proof of a positive blood titer from a healthcare provider
  5. (Housing Students and Athletes) 1 dose of Meningococcal administered within the past 5 year
  6. (International Students) 1 dose of PPD/Tuberculosis administered within the past 12 months.

Yearly influenza vaccine recommended

Complete your health history form online. Students failing to meet these requirements will not be able to register for classes until the requirements are met.

Instruction for uploading immunization record: Link coming soon.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the UHS at 202.274.5030.

Registering for the

*Students may use their personal email to register for the student health portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on – Not Registered? Register
  3. Use students’ ID# including N and Full date of birth 00/00/0000
  4. Once student has registered, go to the email used and look for an email from PYRAMED
  5. If you don’t see an email, Please, check your spam folder
  6. Click on the link and create a password using a minimum of 7 characters.
  7. After the password has been created go to udc.studenthealthportal and log in
  8. On the left side of the screen the student will see a tab which reads immunization history
  9. Go to the tab and insert the dates of the required vaccines from the original copy i.e. Varicella 01/15/2012, 02/17/2012 | Hep B 01/18/2016 02/19/2016, 06/18/2016
  1. Upload a PDF copy of student immunization record(s) NO CELL PHONE PICTURE UPLOADS PLEASE
  2. Submit!

*The student will receive an email 24-48 hours after submitting immunizations informing them the immunization hold has been lifted; however, if there are missing immunizations the student may be asked to obtain the immunization before the hold is lifted.