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UDC Nursing FAQ

Curriculum Program of Study

Effective Spring 2015 - Click here to download curriculum.

Course NumbersPre-Requisite Associate Degree Course RequirementsCredit Hours
IGED 110 and 111Foundation Writing I and II (English Composition I-II)6
IGED 120 and 220Foundation Quantitative Reasoning I and II (College Math I-II)6
IGED 130Foundation Oral Communication (Public Speaking)3
IGEDSciences in AASN Lecture and Lab (Anatomy & Physiology I-II, and Microbiology)12
NURS 100-200AASN Nursing Courses30
 Total Associate Degree Pre-Licensure Course Total57




(Fall, Spring, or Summer)
Course NumbersJunior Level General Education RequirementsCredit Hours
 Electives (Examples: Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Social Sciences, Health Education, etc.)7
IGED 210Discovery Writing3
IGED 250Discovery Technology3
IGED 260Discovery Science Lecture and Lab4
IGED 270Discovery Diversity3
IGED 280Discovery Civics3
IGED 391 and 392Frontier Exploration & Inquiry Capstone I and II - Waived0
 Interdisciplinary General Education Courses (Initiated in Fall 2010)23


JUNIOR LEVEL NURSING COURSES (Fall Semester Nursing Courses)
Course NumbersJunior Level Nursing Courses - Fall SemesterCredit Hours
NURS 300RN to BSN Transition Course3
NURS 301Health Assessment Theory2
NURS 302Health Assessment Lab2
NURS 348Pathophysiology3
NURS 350Ethical Issues in Health Care (Hybrid) - IGED 140 Substitute for Foundation Ethics3
 Fall Semester Junior Level Nursing Course Total13
JUNIOR LEVEL NURSING COURSES (Spring Semester Nursing Courses)
Course NumbersJunior Level Nursing Courses - Spring SemesterCredit Hours
NURS 305*Professional Nursing Issues in Practice Seminar (Hybrid)2
NURS 306*Professional Nursing Issues in Practice Practicum2
NURS 354Gerontological Nursing Theory (Hybrid)3
NURS 356Legal Issues and Healthcare Policy3
NURS 455*Nursing Research (Writing in the Major)3
*Pre-Requisite NURS 300Spring Semester Junior Level Nursing Course Total13


Course NumbersSenior Level Nursing CoursesCredit Hours
NURS 449Leadership and Management Theory3
NURS 448Leadership and Management Clinical2
NURS 464Urban Community Health Issues Theory (Hybrid)3
NURS 465Urban Community Health Issues Practicum2
NURS 471Clinical Preceptorship - Capstone Seminar2
NURS 472Clinical Preceptorship - Capstone Clinical2


Senior Level Nursing Course Total14





Applicants to the BSN program must be graduates of an Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing accredited program and possess a current District of Columbia Registered Nurse license. All applicants must verify current CPR-BLS certification, health clearance, and liability insurance. Enrollees must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or better and grades of C or better in all courses. All pre-requisite and junior level courses (106 semester credit hours) must be completed prior to progression to the BSN senior level courses.

College of Urban Agriculture and Environmental Studies (CAUSES)

CAUSES Academic Programs

RN to BS in Nursing – Dr. Pier Broadnax, Program Director
Nutrition and Dietetics - Dr. Prema Ganganna, Program Director
Urban Architecture and Community Planning - Dr. Susan Kliman, Program Director
PSM in Water Resources Management - Dr. Tolessa Deksissa, Director
Health Education - John Slack, Program Director

CAUSES Land-grant Programs

Center for Urban Agriculture & Gardening Education – Che' Axum, Director
Center for Sustainable Development – Dr. Dwane Jones, Director
Water Resources Research Institute – Dr. Tolessa Deksissa, Director
Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health - Dr. Lillie Monroe-Lord, Director
Institute of Gerontology - Claudia John, Director
Center for 4-H and Youth Development – Rebecca Bankhead, Director
Architectural Research Institute - Clarence Pearson, Director

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