Request a Web Update


The easiest way to update content for simple changes is to just send an email to describing what you want changed.


The next-easiest way to make minor content changes is to:

  1. Print out the web page
  2. Write your changes on the printout
  3. Send us (email or in person) the marked-up printout


For more complex and larger changes, we recommend making the changes using Microsoft Word:

  1. Turn on the Track Changes feature (so we can identify what you have changed)
  2. Copy the URL of the original web page to the top of the document (so we know what page to change)
  3. Copy the text of the web page into MS-Word
  4. Make your changes
  5. Save your word document (as a .DOC or a .DOCX file)
  6. Email the file to us

After receiving your changes, we will go through the rest of The Content Process with your changes and notify you when it is ready for review.