Cable TV (UDC TV)

UDC-TV, a 24-hour educational cable program service, is operated by the University of the District of Columbia and serves as the District government’s non-commercial, adult education program service. Our mission is to support the University in carrying out its land-grant function of teaching, research and public service through the innovative use of cable television technology and programming, UDC-TV is part of the Comcast, RCN, Verizon television cable systems, reaching approximately 187,000 residential households in the District of Columbia and every major hotel, federal and Congressional office and the White House.

In Washington, DC, UDC-TV can be viewed on Comcast Channel 98, RCN Channel 19, and Verizon Channels 19 and 21.

Our program schedule can be viewed >> here <<.

Featured Program

Welcome to “The Scholars” a television interview series produced by the University of the District of Columbia that explores contemporary scholarship.   We hope to engage and challenge your thinking on broad range of topics.  You will meet a diverse group of scholars who are investigating and thinking about our complex and changing world. Tijan Sallah was born in Gambia. He is considered by many to be one of Africa’s leading poets and critics. Mr. Sallah is the editor of two anthologies, NEW POETS OF WEST AFRICA and THE NEW AFRICAN POETRY. The title of his last poetry collection is: HARROW: LONDON POEMS OF CONVALESCENCE.

UDC TV on YouTube

Beyond the Cable TV district and not able to view UDC TV?  Be sure to check out YouTube channels featuring our programming:


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